Sun Joo Will Make Her Brother Rethink About His Marriage In Show Window: The Queen’s House Episode 11

Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Episode 11 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Episode 11, Raw Scans, Previously on Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Episode 10 And More.

‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ is a South Korean television series. Needless to mention, the concept of the show is very interesting which made the melodramatic series a huge success. Having premiered on Channel A on November 29, 2021, we will be discussing about its next episode I line which is episode number 11.

Show Window: The Queen’s House Episode 10 Highlights:

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In the previous episode of ‘‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’, Sun Joo was arrested by the police as it was believed that he was the one who stabbed Mi Ra. Meanwhile, everyone including Sun Joo discovers the truth of Myung Seop having an affair with Mi Ra. As a result, a big fight between Sun Joo and her husband erupted. He made a promise saying that he will end things with the mistress as soon as possible.

Show Window: The Queen’s House Episode 11 Release Date And Time:

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Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Episode 11

We can surely sense worldwide excitement for this episode to release. It is expected to come out on January 3, 2022. Kindly note that the show premieres every Monday and Tuesday of the week at around 9:30 according to Korean Standard Time.

Show Window: The Queen’s House Episode 11 Spoilers:

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode suggests that after finding out about Jung Won’s new girlfriend, Sun Joo is firm on breaking the two of them up. She will be seen scared thinking that her brother might go ahead and marry Mi Ra. Sun Joo will call him to meet the next day in order to ask him to rethink his decision. She also tells him that the lady he is planning on marrying had an affair with a married man and has a baby with him.

Where to Watch Show Window: The Queens’s House?

You can watch the South Korean drama ‘Show Window: The Queens’s House’ on the Rakuten Viki subscription service.

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