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SIFU, butt martial arts


Meridiem Games distributes in Spain for PlayStation 4, 5 Y pc the beat ’em-up of martial arts SIFU.

Sifu is a Chinese word used as an honorary title for someone who is very skilled or masterful in some way, a master, so to speak. And this word is perfect to name this video game in particular, is a lifetime enough to learn kung fu?

the french study Sloclap was inspired by ancient Chinese martial arts movies to create the game, which ironically led to the story of Sifu It started with a murder.

The history

SIFU is the story of a young kung fu student who hunts down his family’s killers in search of revenge.

Alone against all, he will have to face countless enemies without allies. He must rely on his mastery of kung fu and a mysterious pendant to survive and preserve his family’s legacy. This journey of revenge will take you to the dark corners of the city, and you will only have one day to complete your quest through countless opponents on your way to the assassins.

Beat ’em up with rewarding visual art

The introductory chapter of the game takes you through a unique tutorial that helps you get familiar with the game instantly.

Sifu is a fighting game that departs from the classic titles of the genre in two main ways. First of all, it is not a side-scrolling game, as it allows for a wide range of 3D movement throughout its levels. Second, it provides excellent environmental combat, where the terrain itself can be used to your advantage, providing deeper mechanics and allowing for a lot of strategy, experimentation, and fluidity in your movements. Sifu is a martial arts game, no doubt about it, but it respects the source material and shows how complex it can be to fight as those mighty warriors. There are light and heavy attacks, blocks, counters, dodges, and even a stamina meter for your blocks, which can break if overused. A wide range of kicks and punches can be produced simply by changing the angle of the analog sticks.

The pursuit of your enemies will take you to the most hidden corners of the city, from the suburbs plagued by criminal gangs to the cold corridors of corporate towers. You have one day and endless enemies. Choosing your position well and using the environment intelligently to your advantage are the keys to survival. Use everything you have at your disposal: throwable objects, improvised weapons, windows and ledges… Luck is not in your favor and they will show you no mercy.

Kung fu is mastered through practice and is a path that the body and mind must travel. Learn from your mistakes, unlock special abilities and find the strength within yourself to master the devastating techniques of Pak-Mei kung fu.

It is short, but has a lot of exploration

To investigate and track down your father’s killers, you’ll need to find clues scattered throughout the levels and pin them to a detective board, so you can make connections and deductions. There are even some hints that, Metroidvania-style, will allow you to access new areas in earlier levels, adding a lot of emphasis to exploration.

Quite an interesting progression system, where you have to be very careful with your decisions and push your luck. When you die, you don’t beat a game the first time, the second time, or the third time.

Thanks to a magical talisman, you revive right in the place where you were killed; however, your kill count will increase, and with it, one year of your life. The more you die, the more years are added to your age.

Instead of going for a gritty or realistic approach, Sifu goes for a watercolor-like art style and it pays off. The game looks amazing, like something out of an old painting, and the animations are so natural and fluid, especially the counters, which, if done correctly, are perfect no matter where the attack comes from. Sifu also has excellent environmental design, each level is concise and feels handcrafted, with plenty of detail to take in. This, coupled with a simply wonderful soundtrack, adds a lot of vibrancy to the game.

The edition

The physical edition of the game is super careful, in addition to the game we have the steelbook, 3 lithographs, soundtrack and art-book.

In conclusion

Sifu it’s a great game, an excellent martial arts game and something that any type of gamer could enjoy. It takes the beat ’em-up genre to an interesting level. There is the minor drawback of repetitiveness, and the game itself is quite short, but still enjoyable in all respects.

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