“Singing and dancing with Plim Plim” will be presented in Guatemala, October 2022


Singing and dancing with Plim Plim and the Professor Bubble I know will present in Guatemala in 2022 to entertain the little ones at home.

Next, we tell you the details of this educational presentation.

“Singing and dancing with Plim Plim” will be presented in Guatemala, October 2022

The presentation will be in The Bedfordin Cayala City, Zone 16on October 1, 2022. The show of the
children’s favorite clown will feature the best songs and the funniest adventures.

In addition, the company experiments Professor Bubbles, where magic and music come together to find the heart hero.

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: A cartoon especially for children appears, it is by Plim Plim. (Credits: FB Plim Plim Screenshot)

According to Icon, the events company that organizes the show, Plim Plim: «is the nice character with a resounding success on YouTube, who was created by Guillermo Pino and produced entirely in Argentina by Smilehood; broadcast in more than 50 countries around the world and translated into 7 languages.»

What is Singing and Dancing with Plim Plim about?

This is a educational show that entertains kids with one goal: Learn in a fun way. With songs, laughter and lots of bubbles, the show that is characterized by showing that teamwork is always better.

The show is based on the stimulation and inspiration of human values ​​such as cooperation, solidarity, friendship, care for the environment, responsibility, harmony in diversity and first healthy habits.

The ticket price and the localities We will announce them very soon, so stay tuned!

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