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Slow Loop is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Slow Loop Release Date, and more.

You must be a great fan of anime series. And we would take ‘yes’ for an answer. Or else you would not be here looking out about a fantastic new TV series.

Without further ado, let’s plunge into the anime series and take a deep dive to explore the in-depth plot about the Slow Loop. Let us know about the people who have crafted a skillful and interesting TV that will surely captivate the whole of your mind.

Being an anime enthusiast, you must have definitely heard the announcement made on 24th December 2020 about the adaptation of the Slow Loop TV series. Slow Loop is directed by Noriaki Akitaya, scrips by Yaka Yamada., The characters are designed by Shoko Takimoto and also serve as the chief animation director. It is animated by Connect.

Slow Loop, a recreational fishing manga is a Japanese series written by author Maiko Ycuhino. Since September 2018., these series have been serialized in Houbunsha’s magazine Manga Time Kiara Forward. the series has been collected in 5 volumes- Tankobon.

A young girl named Hiyori, whose father had recently died taught her fishing and she was always joyous of it and unusual news was broken to her and sadness crept into her mind. To freshen up her thoughts, she went fishing in search of joy. Unexpectedly she encountered a girl Koharu with the same feeling as her.

The unexpected encounter and their similar feeling brought them closer and they ended up fishing and cooking together. In these brief meetings, both Hiyori and Koharu came to each other’s hesitation to meet up their new families. Hiyori was hesitant to meet her new stepfamily and Koharu her new family that night.

Does this incident, make you think of being just a coincident? Or is there something mysterious in their sudden meetup? To keep updated about the ‘sisters’ new life follow them.

Slow Loop Release Date:

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Slow Loop is a brand new TV series that will be premiered on 7th January 2022. Sit back! Hold tight your emotions! This is going to be an amazing experience with a new series in this new year. Once you watch it your thoughts will just get filled with new and interesting vibes.

Episode No. Release Date
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3 21, 
Episode 4 28, 
Episode 5 February 04, 
Episode 6 February 11, 
Episode 7 February 18, 
Episode 8 February 25, 
Episode 9 March 04, 
Episode 10 March 11, 
Episode 11 March 18, 
Episode 12 March 25, 

Where to watch Slow Loop ?

Currently, We do not have an official source to watch it, we will update this section once we get to know about it.

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