Snowdrop Episode 12 Release Date, Spoilers, Countdown And Watch Online


Snowdrop Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about Snowdrop Episode 12 Release Date, Recap of Episode 11, and more.

Snowdrop is an ongoing South Korean television series starring Jung Hae-in and Jissoo. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30.

Snowdrop Episode 11 Highlights:

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Snowdrop Episode 12 Release Date

The previous episode was filled with both romantic and tense scenes that made our hearts skip a beat. Kye Boon Ok collaborating with North Korean spies solely to inflict pain on the dorm’s students. The girl was willing to have everyone in the dorm killed simply to keep her secret hidden.

Snowdrop Episode 12 Release Date:

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Snowdrop Episode 12 Release Date

Snowdrop Episode 12 will be released On January 22, 2022, . Snowdrop first aired on December 18th and has continued to air every Sunday and Saturday since then. So make a note of the release of Snowdrop Episode 12 on your calendar.

Snowdrop episode 12 Spoilers:

Im Soo Ho and Kwang Moo joining hands in the forthcoming episode is expected to be short-lived. The teaser reveals that one of the hostages in the hostel is a mole. More crucially, the moles have notified the North and South’s higher-ups that Kang Moo and Im Soo Ho have joined forces and are plotting to save everyone. Although it appears to be something Kye Boon Ok would do, she has no other options after Kang Moo discovers her attempting to contact the ANSp. Fans are beginning to distrust everyone, from the obese Mr. Oh to the elderly Mr. Dong.

Snowdrop Episode 12 Countdown:

Where to Watch Snowdrop Episode 12?

The series is available to stream on the website, Rakuten Viki.

Snowdrop Cast:

1. Jung Hae-in as Im Soo-ho

2. Jisoo as Eun Young-ro

3. Yoo In-na as Kang Chung-ya

4. Jang Seung-jo as Kang Chung-ya

5. Yoon Se-ah as Lee Kang-moo

6. Kim Hye-Yoon as Kye Boon-ok

7. Jung Yoo-jin as Jang Han-na

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