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Solo Leveling Chapter 180 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter 180 Raw Scans, Previously on The Solo Leveling Chapter 179, And More.

It is a South Korean web novel written by Chugong. The webtoon adaptation of Solo Leveling was first shown on Kakao Page on March 4, 2018, and is illustrated by Jang-Sung-Rak.

Previously Solo Leveling Chapter 179:

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Solo Leveling Chapter 180 Credit by: tremblzer
Solo Leveling Chapter 180 Credit by: tremblzer

This chapter of Solo Leveling starts with the final fight that everyone has been eagerly waiting for. The chapter opens up with Jinwoo who is preparing his army for the last war. For their advantage, the Shadow Army has already managed to take over the majority of the enemies on their own. Also, the use of the Cup of Reincarnation will be of great help to the army. On top of this, the Brightest Fragment of Luminosity will also assist the hunters and the Monarchs in the final war.

Chapter 179 shows the fierce war-cry whereby Jinwoo will lead the army up against the monsters. However, it is not clearly revealed how strong the demon army truly is. Moreover, the mystery behind the Dimensional Crack has also managed to create a vortex of confusion. Thus Fans are also looking to witness an incredible fight between the two sides.

Solo Leveling Chapter 180 Spoilers And Predictions:

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The Ruler’s army came up in the final chapter of Solo Leveling. Moreover, Sung Jin-Woo had been able to stave off the Dragon King Antares. Sung Jin-Woo then contacts the Rulers through their boats and also requests their help because he realized he had no chance against the army of Destruction. Antares was soon reduced to ashes by the angel’s spears, which pierced him from every angle. Jin-Woo is not able to bear the loss of so many lives in the conflict, and so he decides to resign. He was successful in doing so and thus he returned to a world that is free of superhumans. Tell us your predictions and we will share them with your credits.

Will There Be a Solo Leveling Chapter 180?

No, Solo Leveling Chapter 180 will not be released in the future. However, there is a post-war epilogue to the original Web Novel that concludes the story of Rulers versus Monarchs which one can access. It is thus very much possible that chapter 179 is the conclusion of Sung Jin-great Woo’s adventure.

Read Solo Leveling Chapter 180 Online – Reading Details?

You can read upcoming chapters of Manga Solo-Leveling from sites like Tappytoon and Tapas Media.

Solo Levelling Characters:

1. Sung Jin Woo
2. Che Hae In
3. Yoo Jin-Ho
4. Sung Jinah
5. Sung Il Hwan
6. Adam White
7. David Brennon
8. Ashborn
9. Bellion

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