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Today I’m going to give you a little information about solo leveling manga chapter one forty-nine and I’m going to give you some information and when this is going to release, so keep reading.

Table of Contents

Solo Leveling

Solo leveling is written by chugong and illustrated by Jang sung-rak, solo leveling is one of the most popular Korean comics.

The manhwa elaborates the story of Sung Jin-woo, Who was a low-level hunter among everyone, but somehow he became the strongest hunter in the world.

Solo leveling chapter 149 wind-up at an interesting point and now the audience is looking forward to reading another chapter that is 149. It is adorable to see our heroes fight for their families, and we loved that how sung jin-woo come forward to save his family and fight against the whole World to save the family, it was really commendable.

Now we are wondering if this is a starting of new friends, can sung Jin-woo and Liu zhigeng become friends? We’ve so many questions to find out, As we all know it’s hard for Jin-woo to look at his father as he has the potential to be a monster created by rulers, But he has hope because his dad appreciates his presence.

It would be interesting to see what and how Jin-woo protects his family and how his life will take a turn. This all will be so interesting keep reading for more.

Solo Leveling Manga Chapter 149 Release date:

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You all have heard the news that this chapter has released on the 28th or 29th of April, so yeah that’s the great news that this chapter has already been released on 2th at midnight on ten-thirty and yes, English translation is also available.

About Manga:

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Manga is a comic or graphic Japanese novel. The term Manga refers to comics or cartooning in Japan. There are so many famous series of Manga, for example, Demon slayer, Doraemon, one-piece, Astro boy, JoJo’s bizarre adventure any many more all of them are worth watching and reading. Manga has won so many awards.

  • The Akatsuka Award for humorous manga
  • The Dengeki Comic Grand Prix for one-shot manga
  • The Japan Cartoonists Association Award various categories
  • The Kodansha Manga Award (multiple genre awards).

In conclusion, I hope now you all know about Solo Leveling Chapter 149  Release Date, Plot.

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