Solo Somos Carne, the Guatemalan production that will soon be released in theaters


We are only meat it’s a Guatemalan short film that you cannot miss and that will be available soon in a movie theater in our country. It is directed and produced by Mako Graves, co-produced by MIR Records with the support of CAPIUSA. We show you the video of the first teaser.

We’re Only Meat or Blood Boy Sunday is iInspired by characters from the Road to Aurora book, by Mako Graves. What a chili!

Solo Somos Carne, the Guatemalan production that will soon be released in theaters

The short film is described as science fiction and psychological horror in which they address the lives of Uzu and Bans, unified by chaos in a simple day at work and seen through a beholder’s eye that tries to decipher if it is a dream, reality or an implanted memory.

The cast It is made up of Kiki Bennett and Uriel Ruano who carry the plot of the story, Leslie Paredes as Bárbora, Alexis Herrera Alquijay, also known as Alexis Cuentos, who plays the role of Santos and Andrés Pérez is Dixon. With the special participation of Oscar Méndez, Victor Arroyo, Gabriela Carías, Andrea López, Francis Dávila and André Fong.

the short was recorded in Guatemala City during December and March 2022, with the main skate shop Black Revolver set. Other locations include different areas of the city and Sacatepéquez.

When will the Guatemalan film be released?

The time of Approximate duration is 30 minutes. The short will be premiered at a special event in the cinema by invitation between July and September 2022. Later, it will be released on the circuit of national and foreign festivals of the genre, until its release on digital platforms in 2023.

Director Mako Graves’ main motivation for creating this short was the desire to bring to the screen the stories and characters he has created over the years. They all inhabit a chaotic universe full of surprises. What a chili!

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