Solution to “Windows blocked this software because it can’t verify the manufacturer”


If you have tried to install an application on your computer and Windows shows you the message «Windows blocked this software because it can’t check the manufacturer» you have come to the right article. The first thing you should know about this message is that Windows is watching over your security.

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world, making it the main objective of the friends of the alienHowever, in recent years, macOS is receiving a good deal of attention from this community, although it still does not match the importance of Windows.

How Microsoft Manages Windows Security

When Microsoft launches a new version of Windows, it is not only concerned that it works correctly, but also includes different security tools so that the user, whether private or company, work as safely as possible.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the Microsoft antivirus built into Windows 10 and later versions. This antivirus is considered one of the best on the market, an antivirus that is also completely free and is updated daily.


SmartScreen is the Windows security platform that came with Windows 8 and is part of Windows Defender. This functionality protects users from disreputable apps that offer unexpected behavior.

All applications available in the Microsoft Store, come from identified developers and its operation has been verified, so we will not have any problem when installing them.

However, the Microsoft Store does not control the web content of the applications we have downloaded from your store this is where the SmartScreen feature comes into play.

TPM 2.0 chip

With Windows 11, due to the need for additional security, Microsoft added support for the TPM 2.0 chip, a chip that creates a barrier through the hardware of the equipment so that applications cannot access sensitive data stored inside it.

Solution to Windows blocked this software because it can’t verify the manufacturer

Method 1

Windows protected your PC. Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unknown application from starting. If you run this application, you could put your computer at risk. More information.

If you have found that Windows has blocked the installation of an application that you have downloaded through SmartScreen, instead of deactivating this protection in Windows (never recommended option), the best option is to bypass that restriction performing the steps shown below.

windows locked app

In the window that heads this article, you can see the image that will be displayed when SmartScreen blocks the installation of an application. In that window, we have two options:

More information Do not run

If we click on the option More informationthe image that heads these lines will be displayed, allowing us to install the application by clicking on the button run anyway.

In this way, we will be able to install applications that the SmartScreen function it blocks natively without removing Windows protection.

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Method 2

Once we have clear all the tools that Microsoft makes available to us to solve the potential security problems that can be found in the user, we are going to show you How can I solve this problem.

Unlike other antiviruses, Microsoft collects a large amount of data from the applications that users install and its consequences on the system. Hence, on very few occasions, you can make a mistake when blocking an application.

If you have encountered this message, you are most likely trying to install an application that contains a patch to activate the application you have installed. illegally downloaded (pirate software).

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But not always. Depending on the version of Windows 10 you’re using, it’s likely that Windows has detected the application and directly removed it from your computer, so you are not going to face this problem, Windows has taken care of removing it without asking.

In that case, Windows will show us a notification informing us that it has detected a malicious application on our computer and that he has eliminated it directly, without asking us, without having the option to choose.

If you fully trust the application you want to install, in order to do so, the only solution is to disable the Windows SmartScreen featurean action that from Windows News we do not recommend.

disable block apps install windows

The first thing we must do is access Windows setup options through the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i or through the gear wheel that we find in the Windows start menu. Next, we click on Update and security.
Within Update and security, click on windows security. Next, we must access the option Application and browser control.
In the right column, in the section Reputation-Based Protectionwe click on Reputation-Based Protection settings.
Finally, a new window will open where we have to deactivate the option Check apps and files.

As soon as you disable it, Windows will not report that our team may be vulnerable since it will not supervise the applications that we install on our computer.

However, it is not enough, since we must also disable the options available in Block potentially unwanted applicationsunchecking the Block apps and Block downloads boxes

Very important to keep in mind

Once you have installed the application, the first thing you should do is re-enable SmartScreen functionalityas long as you want your computer to remain protected.

If when activating SmartScreen again, the application that we have installed stops working or Windows deletes some data from the application and the application stops working, you should consider the possibility of forget about the app.

Turning off SmartScreen is like taking the door off your house. If you remove the door of your house, everyone who passes by will be invited to come in and take everything they want. The same thing happens, but digitally, if we definitively deactivate the SmartScreen functionality.

Fortunately, if we deactivate this function, the protection against antivirus and threats that we can download from the Internet, will continue to operatebut not Windows protection when installing both applications and add-ons for our browser.