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Spider-Man :No Way Home Ending Explained – Tremblzer


What does the ending mean? What happens to Green Goblin and Doc ock? Scroll down to know what happens in the ending which left you in utter confusion!

Spider-man’s no way home is finally out in the theatre. It is a 2021 American superhero movie based on the Marvel comics character and is the 27th film in the MCU. It is the sequel to Superman: Homecoming (2017), and Superman: Far from home(2019). The very long-awaited spiderman no-way home-ending explanation is finally here. Spiderman no way home has a lot of people confused. Some even think that it has a lot of symbolism and multiple meaning.

This movie has been a gripping web of intrigue and excitement. The web of intrigue has been a thrilling ride with a lot of ups and downs.

The ending has surely been confusing for most of the viewers for the time-travel presented in the movie is differently portrayed than the other Marvel movies. The villians were from different timelines before they had returned to their original universes.

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For instance: In the Raimiverse Norman Osborn died many years before Doc Ock. On the contrary, Electro and Andrews Peter parker despite being from the same universe are separated by different timelines.

So Several Questions Remain Unanswered:

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How Andrew could remember the events related to Green goblin and Tobey’s petter could remember Doc Ork. These unanswered questions could only be answered by hulks’ quote from Avengers: Endgame.

”If you travel back in time, your destination becomes your future, and your former present becomes the past, which cannot be changed by your new future’‘.

The observations come down to one conclusion that a bunch of nexus events was created when the villains got cured. This presumably means that the cured villians went to their respective timelines to redeem themselves when they were alive.

That means that in the multiverse, each villain’s nexus events generated at least two timelines: one in which they died or continued their criminal careers, and another in which they were cured.

The ending is a culmination of the entire movie that ties up everything together and sets the stage for a Spider-man sequel.

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