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Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 424 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about  Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 424 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 423, And more.

Spirit Sword Sovereign is a Chinese online manga series written by AxomiaHoiMoi. It comes from the genre of Action, adventure, fantasy, and martial arts. it started serializing Webnovels in 2021 and is still ongoing. It consists of a total of 423 chapters at present. It goes around the story of a boy name the Chu, an emperor who was cheated and killed by his partners, to his surprise his soul returns to him at the age of 16 and he decided not to repeat that mistake again and take revenge on those who have plotted against him. However, his body is not as strong as before he was killed, so, the story follows his struggles and adventures to regain strength and sought revenge. 

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 424 Release Date: 

Spirit Sword Sovereign is all ready to be released on 31st July 2021. You can read it on the official release website. 

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 424 Countdown:

Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 424 Spoilers: 

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Since it is an ongoing manga the authorities and the writers haven’t published or released any official spoilers. This is an opportunity for the readers to read their favorite manga with the latest episode without having annoying spoilers in the way.

Previously On Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 423 :

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Supreme Spirit Master Chapter 34

 The warriors head towards the file and Xiang told the warriors to meet him on Swordmaster Peak while he is leaving for Ji Tian peak. He used his power to leave. On the other hand, OG Yang Yang talked about Xiang’s Gusto and said the competition should be interesting. To which Xiao Hua added that they will not lt Xiang down. On his way to Ji Tian peak realizes that Startnight City is located 500km farther from Flying Sun City. 

Spirit Sword Sovereign Characters: 

  • Chu Xing Xing
  • Liu Meng Yan
  • Chu Hu
  • Luo Lei
  • Liu Shi Yun
  • Shui Liu Xian
  • Shui Qian Yue

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