Square Enix assures that the future of Babylon’s Fall is not in danger despite its discreet start and poor review


Babylon’s Fall, the first PlatinumGames game-as-a-service for PS4, PS5 and PC (Steam), went on sale earlier this month under the Square Enix label and its start has been very discreet. Very low grades and few players. So much so that the Japanese publisher has had to ask and answer himself and publicly if the future of the title is in danger. The short answer is no.

Is the continuity of the service in danger? asks Square Enix. “There are no plans to scale down the development of Babylon’s Fall,” says the Japanese company. “The content up to the end of Season 2 is mostly complete and we’ve already started working on Season 3 and beyond.” In the same message, the editor adds that in addition to continuing to offer content, they are analyzing user feedback to make improvements with the aim of maintaining the current player base and attracting new ones.

Among the changes already applied we have a reduction in the hit points of the enemies so that the solo game is more viable. Other features will be addressed in a future update, including a number of graphical tweaks, accessibility options, and better PC optimization.

Much of the content from the first season of Babylon’s Fall is now available.
At the critical level, Babylon’s Fall registers an average rating of 42 on both Matacritic and OpenCritic. This score places the PlatinumGames game as the worst in the PS5 catalog and the title with the lowest score of 2022. We don’t know how many copies Babylon’s Fall has sold on consoles, but on PC and according to Steamdb.info it has never managed to exceed 1,200 simultaneous players. Today the game as a service has only managed to gather 125 concurrent players on Steam.

The failure of Babylon’s Fall contrasts with the success of Elden Ring, a title focused on the single player campaign and developed by FromSoftware that is running as one of the games of the year. Its sales already exceed 12 million units, according to Bandai Namco. This month Square Enix has also put on sale Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, a proposal with better marks than Babylon’s Fall but that has also failed to convince, and Triangle Strategy, a tactical role-playing game for Switch that already has 800,000 units sold.