Steam’s Next Fest kicks off with hundreds of demos available through February 28


From today until Monday, February 28, Steam users have at their disposal hundreds of demos to test titles that will soon be released for PC through the Valve platform. This is the first edition of Next Fest in 2022, an event that has proven useful in the past in adding games to the wishlist and increasing sales.

Much like Steam sales, Next Fest’s content offering is big enough to miss out on. Those who have their wish list up to date will have an easier time knowing if the title they are interested in can be tested during the event, which will not have to navigate through a sea of ​​demos using the customization tools offered by the store. During the Next Fest, broadcasts are also scheduled starring the developers of the titles that participate in the event.

Below we highlight some of the games whose demo is available as part of the Next Fest.

FAR: Changing Tides – An odyssey chronicling a boy’s journey aboard his ship in search of a new home.Crossfire: Legion – A real-time strategy game featuring tactical action with three factions: Global Risk, Black List and New Horizon.The Last Oricru – An action RPG with a strong emphasis on storytelling and player choice.IXION – A strategy, management, and construction game set on a space station called Tiqqun.The Wandering Village – After a few spores have contaminated the planet, a small group of survivors seek refuge on the back of a giant wandering animal.Pandemic Train – A train crew traverses the post-apocalyptic desert, decimated by war and plague.Pharaoh: A New Era – A remake of the classic Pharaoh city-building game.Builders of Egypt – An economical city-building game set in the Nile Valley.The Unliving – A necromancer leads hosts of the undead in a game roguelike action role-playing game.Occupy Mars: The Game – A “highly technical” game about the colonization of Mars.McPixel 3 – An adventure about an aspiring hero who must save the day by avoiding one disaster after another using methods rare.Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle – A third-person narrative survival horror that acts as a prequel to Daymare: 1998.Neon White – A first-person shooter about exterminating demons in the sky.ABRISS – An atmospheric building game and physics-based destruction.