Steelrising announces its arrival for September 8 and shows a new trailer with gameplay


Nacon and Spiders have set a release date for Steelrising, which will finally be available on September 8 and not during June as planned. The title will have a version for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. To make itself forgive this change, the French publisher has shown a new trailer with 5 minutes of gameplay that features comments from Jehanne Rousseau, executive director, head writer and co-founder of Spiders, Sebastien Di Ruzza, design director, and Ciaran Cresswell, location manager.

Publisher and developer have not been too generous in offering explanations for the delay in the release of Steelrising. In a brief message posted on the game’s Twitter account, they simply said that they need this additional time to ensure they deliver “the best experience possible” on launch day. The decision comes a few days after Steelrising has completed a final test session in which several players have been able to take a look at the game.

In any case, three months is not very long, especially if we compare it with other cases where we have to wait more than a year. Below is the promised Steelrising gameplay trailer.

Steelrising is an ARPG set in an alternate version of 1789 France, when the French Revolution has been bloodily put down by Louis XVI and his ruthless mechanical army. To stop the mad tyrant and his robots, players assume the role of Aegis, the bodyguard of Queen Marie Antoinette, an automaton created by the engineer Vaucanson who has at his disposal a complete arsenal of accessories and accessories that will allow him to configure his combat style , movements and appearance.

In the list of things that a souls-type ARPG must have, Steelrising crosses many points, including the presence of great bosses. The trailer also shows us that the action of the title takes place in a decadent and shattered Paris whose art style combines baroque with a dark layer. Unlike other games of the same genre, Steelrising has an automaton as the protagonist, so his movements are more agile and when he has to move in and out of combat he has many more options.