‘The Bachelor’ 2022 Spoilers: Who Is Clayton Echard’s Winner? Reality Steve’s Finale Tease Will Leave You Speechless


After weeks of being on The Bachelor and months of speculation, we know who the season 21 winner is. Did Clayton Echard give hometown date rose to Tayshia Adams or Angela Zatopek? Or did he decide to propose to no one and leave The Bachelor as a single man? It’s time to find out, but first let’s get one thing out of the way before we reveal the winner.

Yes, according to Reality Steve’s finale spoilers, Tayshia did get that hometown date rose and she did get a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring (despite what you read on other sites). However, that doesn’t mean Angela did not get a proposal. Reality Steve has said numerous times (and he even teases it in his finale spoilers) that there is at least one woman who gets proposed to during the finale, but does not receive the final rose.

We do know Angela receives an overnight date card because of her Instagram story on Tuesday. We also know Tayshia got an overnight date card because she posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “Overnight dates are ALWAYS fun!” The only other woman who may receive an overnight date card is Whitney Fransway, who posted an Instagram video of her suitcase being packed for Bimini, which is where the overnight dates take place. However, we’re not sure if she’s going to receive an invitation or if this is just for her interview with Chris Harrison since the other women aren’t seeing it in their Instagram stories.

We also know Becca Tilley and Amber James visit Echard in Las Vegas, which is where he lives. The only other woman who could visit is out of the country now so it’s unlikely she would receive an overnight date card or be invited to come back to Las Vegas.

Both Angela and Tayshia post videos on Instagram showing they are in Las Vegas at some point for this week’s episode. Reality Steve confirms in his finale spoilers that both Angela and Tayshia do receive the final rose, but he doesn’t say if Echard proposes to one of them or not. All we know is he ends up engaged by the end of this season’s finale on Monday night.

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