The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 :Release Date, Spoilers, Preview: Why Geezer Give Arthur His Marble?


The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of Chapter 121, And More.

The Pandemic has made it difficult to go outside for the people. So the entertainment in the home has been the priority for the people. Many go for movies, many go for series and many go for comics and novels. The rise of popularity in mangas and animes has been skyrocketing in recent years. The readers of The Beginning After The End have been excited for every upcoming chapter every week. We are excited as well. We are too excited to wait for the upcoming chapter this week. Check out the release date of Chapter 122 and the spoilers.

The Beginning After The End is a manga series inspired by a novel of the same name. The Manga is about Arthur Leywin, a reincarnation of the late King Grey, who sets off to correct his past mistakes. His adventures are filled with emotions, hardships, and wars. Arthur continues to live his life as a magic-wielding kid unlike his past life as a tyrannical king. He later realizes that his reincarnation didn’t happen by chance, but for a purpose.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 121 Highlights:

Arthur goes to the old store after paying respects to Alea’s Grave. There he sees an old man asking for some change. Arthur accidentally gives the silver coin to the geezer and he enters the shop.
Arthur meets a geezer in the shop whom he thinks he is homeless. He learns that he is the owner of the shop. When he asked the old man to give back his silver coin, the old man made a deal to take anything from his shop for free. Arthur goes inside the shop, which is old and dusty. He dodges booby traps in the shop and unfortunately didn’t find anything valuable. The geezer eventually gives him a marble and Arthur goes to meet the girls.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 Release Date:

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The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 is set to be released on 26 September 2021. In this chapter, the aftermath of Alea’s death will be shown.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 Countdown:

The Beginning After The End Chapter 122 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Wykes being lead to the cave where he meets the leader of the cult who was responsible of drugging Marcois. The leader asks him to join the cult but Lucas refuses as he feels insulted being with the peasants. The leader reminds him about Arthur and Wykes gets interested. The leader plans to murder Arthur and break the bond of three races. He persuades Wykes easily as they talk about Tessia Eralith. 

Read The Beginning After The End Chapter 121 Online:

The Beginning After the End: Interview with Writer TurtleMe

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The Beginning After The End Characters: 

The main characters of The Beginning after the end includes:

  • Reynolds Leywin
  • Alice Leywin
  • Arthur Leywin
  • Adam Krensh
  • Angela Rose
  • Durden Walker
  • Jasmine Flamesworth

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