The best 34 Naruto phrases: to flirt or to reflect


Naruto is one of the most watched anime series in Japan and is based on the manga of the same name, which was written and drawn by the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto.

The anime is less violent than the manga, but it does not differ in its main plot and is also divided into two parts: Narutowhich premiered on October 3, 2002 and has 220 episodes, and Naruto: Shippūden, with 500 episodes broadcast between February 15, 2007 and March 23, 2017, although here the protagonist is the son of Naruto and Hinata Hyuga: Boruto Uzumaki.

Be that as it may, here we are only interested Naruto and his iconic phrases, which will serve you both to conquer the girl or boy of your dreams and to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. We will also leave you phrases for you to think and reflect on. And if you like tattoos, Naruto also has words worth immortalizing on your skin.

Naruto phrases to fall in love

Naruto has a beautiful love story that takes place within a framework of fights against fantastic beings and skilled ninjas.

If you want to conquer the heart of an otaku or an anime lover, we leave you these phrases from some of the best Naruto chapters.

Our will is like the strongest stone in the world. It is unknown what kind of pain will come after me, but… if I stop believing because of that, if the hero changes, it will become another story from the one my master left behind. Then I won’t be Naruto. I can’t write novels like my teacher did That’s why the sequel has to come from the life I live, no matter how big the pain, I will continue to walk because that’s Naruto! When people are protecting something really special to them , they really can become… as strong as they can be. Those cold stares that were only directed at me were far more painful than any training. Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! What does he have that I don’t? So shut up about “fate” and… how people can’t change, because… unlike me… you’re not a failure.

Naruto phrases to reflect

Sensei Kakashi is a great teacher for Naruto, as are Sasuke and the adventures that our young protagonist lives. This translates into phrases that leave us reflecting.

Naruto chapters are not just fights, let’s see these deep sentences.

Sasuke, I always knew you were alone. At first I was happy because I thought you were like me, I wanted to talk to you! but you… didn’t speak. You always had everyone looking at you. You could do everything and we were very different. So I decided that you would become my rival. I didn’t want to lose because they called me a “loser” all the time. Even when we became Team 7, I still thought this way. I always tried to lie but… but the truth is… I always wanted to be like you. I aspired to be like you. That’s why… I was glad you wanted to fight me. While you’re alive, you need a reason for your existence. Being unable to find one is the same as being dead. If the father’s responsibility is to protect the child… then my responsibility is to exceed the father. If you don’t like your fate, don’t accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it how you want it to be! It’s not the face that makes someone a monster, it’s the choices one makes in life. Don’t apologize… I had a lot of hard times growing up as a jinchūriki, but I never blamed you or dad. I couldn’t understand what parental love was like because you guys were never there… so I could only guess but now I know… I live because you and dad gave your lives for me and showered me with love before the Nine Tails were here! inside of me! So here I am, happy and healthy! I’m glad I ended up being your son! Once you question your own beliefs, you’re done. When you give up, your dreams and everything else is gone. You’re not even a person, you’re just a monster. It’s better that you study or you will end up like me. So many lives that we lost during those years of war… thanks to those selfless sacrifices, we can now rejoice in peace and prosperity. It is vital that the new generation understand our history in order to keep the peace. People who continue to risk their lives to defend their faith become heroes and continue to exist in legend.

Naruto phrases to say to friends

Sasuke and Naruto started as rivals because of Naruto’s jealousy, but when Sasuke escapes, our hero doesn’t hesitate to go in search of him and they end up creating a solid friendship.

These phrases will help you tell your friends how much you value them and the immense love you have for them, even if they only want to see Naruto chapters without filler (but how lazy!).

When you have a connection with a friend… friendship is capable of changing the world in an incredible way. I don’t care who I have to fight… if you rip my arms off, I’ll kick you to death. If he rips my legs off, I’ll bite him to death. If he rips my head off, I’ll watch him die. And if he gouges out my eyes, I’ll curse him to death… even if they break me to pieces… I’ll find a way to get Sasuke back! If it wasn’t for my friends, I would have lost my way completely. blood is much stronger than that! You just need the feeling of love to create them. It’s almost unbearable, right? the pain of being all alone. I know the feeling, I’ve been there, in that lonely dark place, but now there are other people, others who mean a lot to me. I care more about them than myself and I will not allow anyone to hurt them. That’s why I will never give up, I will stop you, even if I have to kill you! They saved me from myself, they rescued me from loneliness, they were the first to accept me for who I am. They are my friends. If you attack Konoha, I will have to fight you… so keep your hatred and take it out on me, I am the only one who can bear it! It is the only thing I can do! I will bear your hatred and die with you! Because I’m your friend! Children can’t choose their parents, but they can choose their friends. You should come visit him every once in a while, because he can get lonely. Hey, you stupid fox! You’re in my body and you owe me rent! So for payment, I’ll take your chakra! Do you understand?!

Naruto phrases for tattoos

If you already have other otaku tattoos or if you want to tattoo some epic phrase, we leave you some of the best Naruto dialogues so you can fill your skin with ink. You can also use these tattoos to flirt with your crush if he or she likes anime. It’s always a good excuse to break the ice.

My dream is to become the best Hokage! That way, people wouldn’t disrespect me and treat me like someone, someone important! I’m not going to run away, nor take back what I say! that’s my nindō: my ninja way! Then I’ll break that curse. If there is peace, I will find it, I will not give up! The only thing that can prevent a fire from dying and give it more power is the wind. A true hero is always late. Failure does not give you a reason to give up as long as you have faith. hard work is useless for those who do not believe in themselves.