The best Mac mini now on sale in both capacities


The Mac mini is an ideal computer for many people on a daily basis. Its power and all the applications that are available will undoubtedly allow professionals or students to carry out their work on a daily basis. It has ideal tools and a price that is quite competitive. This time the price is much more interesting thanks to an offer that can be found exclusively on Amazon.

Mac mini M1 now on sale

This device is a really versatile device. Although, on the one hand, it can be seen as a negative point that there is no integrated screen as in the case of a MacBook, but, on the other hand, it is something positive. When you buy it yourself, you can choose the monitor that best suits you as well as the peripherals. If you are a professional person, you will be interested in having a high-quality panel to be able to edit video or photography, appreciating all the nuances. This means that you can spend the money you see fit on this type of add-on.

Now on Amazon, as we said before, it is on sale. In this case is the renewed model that has an M1 chip and 8 GB of RAM. In most cases this offers the ideal performance for performing everyday tasks. The only difference that we are going to find lies in the storage. The 256GB SSD model It has a 10% discount, being able to have it for 719 euros, instead of 799 euros, which is the price recommended by Apple. On the other hand, it should be noted the512 GB configuration which is for 899 euros, when the recommended price is 1029 euros. The discount in this case is 13%. And from our point of view, it is convenient to have 512 GB of storage, since otherwise you may miss being able to install more programs or store more documents.

Peace of mind when making the purchase

When making the purchase in an establishment that is not the Apple Store, many doubts can be generated. In this sense, it should be noted that when buying on Amazon you will be able to have access to the same advantages. It should be noted that the products are completely new and come sealed from the factory itself. In no case will you have problems with possible counterfeits as if it could happen in other unauthorized establishments.

When making the purchase on Amazon, it must be adjusted to the legality of guarantees in Spain. This makes them have a total 2 years warranty. The first one with Apple itself, and the second with Amazon.

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