The Book and Rose Festival brought together more than 28 thousand people


Readers and readers were reunited with books at the University Cultural Center. Exhibitors reported 30 thousand copies sold. Saltapatrás closed the event with a dance

Readers we are and along the way we met again. With roses in hand and backpacks full of books, the guests at the celebration came on time to the appointment, after a virus took two years away from them. The Book and Rose Festivaltrue to its name and fame, was a celebration full of lyrics, music, poetry, claims, imagination and resistance.

More than 28 thousand people met at the University Cultural Center in the 2022 edition of the Book and Rose Festivalwhich returned to face-to-face attendance after two years of the pandemic. From Friday 22 to 24 April, readers of all ages went to the main headquarters of the Festival, as well as to the external ones, to meet with books, authors, and cultural activities.

The 320 stamps present at the FLyR sold about 30 thousand copies during the three days of the event which, despite the evening rain, maintained a high influx at all times. LibrosUNAM sold about 2,500 copies.

The presentations of Elena Poniatowski, Luis Garcia Montero, Margo Glantz, Brenda Navarro, Gabriela Wiener and the actor Tenoch Huerta They stood out among the literary, scenic and academic offer of the celebration. The young public did not miss the opportunity to get closer to their idols, such as the booktuber Alberto Villarreal, whose presence caused euphoria.

A call for attention and indignation in the face of violence against women was one of the issues that was felt at several FLyR events, in the voice of personalities such as Margo Glantz, Javier Sicilia and Elena Poniatowska, who demanded an end to impunity with which is operated by those who exercise domestic, psychological, labor and sexual violence against women.

From Uribe to Saltapatras

The last day of FLYR 22 had moving moments such as the tribute to the writer Álvaro Uribe. In it, the coordinator of CulturaUNAM, Rosa Beltrán, highlighted the work done by the author of Family self-portrait with dog at the Universitywhere he was editor of the anthology series I only count and director of the Relato Licenciado Vidriera, Little Big Essays and Ultramar collections. The writer said that it was always a pleasure to talk to Uribe, although she, she lamented, “what always happens with people who are special, and he was, you never talk about everything you have to talk about.”

Help Venegas, general director of Publications and Editorial Promotion of the UNAM, recognized Uribe on behalf of all the staff of the unit he heads, where, she said, “he was a beloved and admired teacher. He did not teach from on high, but he was generous, he accompanied ”.

“Intelligent but not pedantic, sharp but not hurtful, and aside from a man who really understood the super arbitrary role of chance in life,” is how the writer Verónica Murguía, a friend of Uribe’s since they studied together in high school, defined him, while the translator and editor Geney Beltrán maintained that he stood out in the many facets he had when writing: as a short story writer, biographer, essayist and novelist.

At the Literature and Resistance dialogue table, the writer and sociologist Sara Sefchovich criticized the phenomenon of fashion in women’s literature, “where whatever a woman does, it turns out to be wonderful”, since this does not represent an evaluation of merits at the time of writing. She said she felt annoyed that she had worked all her life so that what was written by women would occupy the place it deserves and that it is now a trend.

A student of the role of women in history and in society, the author published in 2020 From silence to noise. Changes in women’s writing over time, “where I’m already angry and I say, well, nobody used to beat us, then they said we were low-calorie literature, and now we’ve gone to the opposite extreme and everything does is wonderful. And I give examples of women who have not written a single book but literary critics already say that, the day they do, it will be great. That’s where fashion comes in.”

“The noise is happening right now with everything that women do, with what indigenous peoples do, with what all those who are not white heterosexuals do. But that does not mean that we have to forget that, because there are critics who tell us that we must erase any white heterosexual man who has written literature, and that is an extreme that would make us miss out on very good works, ”he warned.

The fourteenth edition of the Book and Rose Festival had a joyful finishing touch with the group’s performance backhopper, who performed traditional music mixed with son and African rhythms in the Music for the Devils concert. Some of the attendees were encouraged to perform their best dance steps while they were closing the book stands where the editorial offer of UNAM and other labels that participated in the event were exhibited for three days.

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