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The case study of vanitas Episode 4 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to know more about the case study of vanitas Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, The case study of vanitas Episode 3 recap, And more.

The Case study of Vanitas also known as Vanitasu no karute is a Japanese manga series written and demonstrated by Jun Mochizuki. It is from shonen genre and has been serialized in Square Enix’s shonen manga magazine Monthly Gangan Joker since December 2015. Its plot has been set up in 19th century Paris and contains a storyline between vampire and steampunk. Its anime television series adaption is done by Bones studio and premiered in July 2021.

Previously On The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 3 :

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In Episode 3 of “The case study of Vanitas” titled “Fangs That Lay Bare Blood”, we witnessed Noe reminding Vanitas that he was the one who has stolen the aboard airship, as a result, they both got arrested. Vanitas said that they were captured because he told the officers that they both are partners in crime. As they have taken everything away from them, Noe noticed that his wallet is missing. Noe also noticed that the Book of Vanitas is also missing and wonders by Vanitas is so composed as the books of vanitas is crucial.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 4 Release Date:

Episode 4 of “The case study of vanitas”, has been decided to be premiered on July 24, 2021, at 12 am EST. unfortunately, those who have subscribed to Crunchyroll or another anime streaming service, cannot stream this.

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The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 4 Spoilers:

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The spoilers of The Case study of vanitas cannot be avoided as the manga readers are always a step ahead of anime watchers. In this episode, we will see Noe and Vanitas getting released from jail and going to meet the Lord of Altus Park Orlok. Vanitas said that both the Book of Vanitas and Amelia are important for Altus. Noe reached an agreement with Altus not to kill Amelia and make her human, to which Altus agreed not to kill Amelia. Rest aside and wait for the episode to premiere to find out how the story of the Blue Moon and Red Moon Vampires continues in ‘the Case Study of Vanitas’.

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