The cheapest alternative to Apple’s Studio Display


Last week Apple presented a new product oriented to its Mac devices, it is the Studio Display, a monitor with spectacular specifications so that all the people who have a Mac, whatever it may be, can improve even more the experience of Username. However, its price is quite high, so today we want to talk to you about a much cheaper alternative that has very interesting specifications.

Huawei MateView, the ideal monitor for your Mac

Since Huawei presented its MateView, everyone who saw and tried this incredible monitor had the same opinion, since it is a product that if you put the apple logo behind it, you would perfectly believe that it has been conceived, designed and manufactured by Apple itself. . It is a monitor that has some Obviously lower specifications than the one enjoyed by the Studio Display Apple, but also has a much lower price. Specifically, the Studio Display is priced at €1,779 in its base model, and the Huawei MateView amounts to €599although you can always find something cheaper on Amazon.

In fact, this monitor is considered for professionals, that is, its features are top of the range. It has a 4K display, 28.2 inches in a format 3:2, ideal for all professionals in content creation, video editing or photography. In addition, its design is very minimalist and attractive. But it does not stop there, it is that it has a large number of portseven allowing you to connect your Mac and at the same time it is charging and sharing the image with the monitor.

huawei mate view2

The screen has the possibility of modify its height to adjust it to the taste of each user, as well as you can modify the angle of vision of it. Its speaker and microphones are quite good, although in that aspect it is far from what the Apple monitor offers. In addition it has a touch bar at the bottom of the screen to be able to configure different parameters such as brightness, input source or volume.

Differences and similarities between the Huawei Mate View and the Studio Display

At the beginning we said that this Huawei MateView seemed to be a monitor manufactured by the Cupertino companyAnd if we look at how Apple’s Studio Display has also been built, we can see clear similarities, both in design and in other points that are also very important when working with a monitor with these characteristics.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 19.48.52Aesthetically they are very similar., the two have a very similar silver color, and also the frames are also very small. The ports are something they share, and they also facilitate both the possibility of charging and transmitting the image through the same cable. However, obviously, for the price of the Apple monitor, there are certain points where it is superior, since it is a 27-inch 5K displaywith a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lensin the same body, studio-quality microphones and speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos.

studio display

In short, both monitors offer a really wonderful user experience, however, due to their price and specifications they are focused on different audiences, which means that if you were interested in the Studio Display, and but you do not want to invest so much money in a screen Huawei Mate View is surely the best Mac monitor you can buy.