The emotional gesture of Ricardo Arjona during one of his concerts in the United States


Ricardo Arjona continues to surprise his fans, recently in one of his concerts in the United States the singer had a emotional gesture with one of his followers. The fact has given has monopolized the social networks. What a chili!

After testing positive for COVID-19, the Guatemalan had to postpone his tour in Europe, he has recently resumed it in the United States.

The emotional gesture of Ricardo Arjona during one of his concerts in the United States

During her show in Phoenix, Arizona, the Cuban Mariluz Laffita called her mother on the island during a concert of the compatriot, this while singing her worldwide success Lady of the four decades. The gesture did not go unnoticed by the interpreter, who He didn’t hesitate to go over and ask for her phone number and ask her mother’s name and where she was.

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: Ricardo Arjona on stage playing a black guitar. (Credits: Instagram Ricardo Arjona)

In the video shared by the user, Arjona is heard saying: “Is he in Cuba now? Mary, for God’s sake, Mary! I send you a little kiss, my love,” said the artist directly to the Cuban mother, and also She put the phone to her saxophonist of Cuban origin so that he could also greet her.

Look at the emotional moment that Arjona’s fan lived:

Ricardo Arjona fulfilled the dream of a fanatic

After the fact, the Cuban shared: «Dreaming of seeing Arjona in Cuba is a utopia. I grew up listening to her songs to the point that I know every one of her lyrics. When I arrived in the United States in 2017 he did a tour, I was a newcomer and I only had $40, I didn’t even have enough for the ticket, I experienced the horrible frustration of having him close and at the same time so far that I promised myself that for next time I would see it and in the front row, 5 years later I not only managed to see it, but also surprised my mother in Cuba giving tonight an eternal priority in my memories.

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