The first long weekend in Guatemala will be in July 2022


The sixth month of the year arrived and with it, the first long weekend of 2022so if you are planning to go out for the weekend take advantage of these three days in a row to enjoy with family or friends.

2022 brings several holidays and long breaks that can be useful to organize and enjoy the places of Guatemala, as well as relax from the daily routine.

The first long weekend of 2022

The next June 30 is Army Day and it falls on Thursday, so the break will be moved to Monday, July 4, so that you can enjoy the first weekend of July.

In 2018, the Congress of the Republic approved a reform to the Law that Promotes Internal Tourismdecree 19-2018 so that holidays are longer, moving them to Monday or Friday.

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: In the image, a man relaxes on a bed in an Irtra Spa. (Credit: Irtra)

The law in Guatemala contemplates 11 official rest days and holidays are regulated in the Labor Code.

Not every day can be changed and turned into long holidays. On April 16, 2020 the Constitutional Court (CC) it left without effect that the dates of May 1 and October 20 can be changed, as is the case with other holidays.

girl on the beach

Description of the photo for visually impaired people: In the image, a woman sunbathes on the beach. (Credit: Sonyachny/Envato)

Why is June 30 commemorated?

June 30 marks the Army’s dayfor the victory of the liberals, Generals Miguel García Granados and Justo Rufino Barrios, when they triumphantly entered the Guatemalan capital during the revolution against the dictator Vicente Cerna, in 1871. We tell you more about the story in this note.

¡batteries then and enjoy the first long holiday that can be enjoyed in the year!

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