The flamenco dress wants nothing to do with ‘fast fashion’


If we had to look for a symbol that would define Spain and what is Spanish outside our borders, the bull and the faralaes costume would win by a landslide.

In fact, the latter, sheathed in the body of a doll that was very reminiscent of one of our greatest folklores, Lola Flores, has been the best-selling souvenir to tourists (foreigners and nationals as well), at least a few years ago (who hasn’t remembers having seen the flamenco doll decorating the television at grandma’s house).

The bata de cola is the glamorous garment with which women of any social status walk these days through the April Fair in Seville. The gypsy, flamenco or faralaes costume, whatever you like to call it, has its origin in the humble classes of Andalusia.

Over time, the design of these batas de cola has been modernized and updated, but always with a common denominator: they are usually made in artisan workshops, locally produced and each piece, each dress, is designed to be reused for years. lending itself to transformation, the change of complements or, as one would now say, the upcycling.

«There is hardly any waste in flamenco fashion fabrics. Between ruffle and ruffle, in the end you hardly have any fabric left over, you have small strips left that you can even keep in the workshop for next year, in case you have to add something to it”, explains the Navarrese designer Alba Amigo, who It has premiered this year at the Seville Fair with its flamenco pants. Even its distribution, away from intermediaries, is more sustainable since it goes from the store to the client directly.

The idea of ​​eco-friendly design with which these folkloric dresses are promoted is also reinforced by initiatives such as that of Ikea, in collaboration with the Sevilla de Moda school, which has organized a flamenco fashion contest where the dresses had to be made with fabrics leftover cushions, curtains and other textiles from the Swedish brand.

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