The Grammys 2022 have been delayed in light of the Omnicron crisis.


The Grammy Awards are being postponed until further notice after threats have been discovered on the social media pages of several musicians. These threats appear to be in light of a new directive from the omnics, entitled “Omnicron”. No information has been made public about this directive, but an anonymous source with close ties to the Overwatch Division has said the Division’s agents are investigating.

“We report these acts to get you all the information we can,” Overwatch agent Ana Amari told us in an exclusive interview, “but it is up to everyone out there to remain vigilant and alert.”

Ana Amari leads a select group of Overwatch agents in the investigation of Omnicron. Her group has been briefed on the details of the investigation, but other agents under her command have not. She was able to confirm that Overwatch is working closely with local law enforcement agencies to investigate any leads.

2022 Grammys Postponed Due to Omicron | Pitchfork

“We’ve had an excellent record-keeping our city safe so far,” Ana Amari said, “but we are taking caution and investigating any leads we find. If you see anything suspicious, be sure to report it right away.”

Police are warning that anyone threatening violence or taking action against the city will be arrested without question.

“We do not take these threats lightly,” NYPD Commissioner Maria Wolf said during an interview with us yesterday, “and neither should you. We are asking the citizens of New York out there to be vigilant, and if you see anything suspicious, please report it immediately.”

The 2022 Grammy Awards were originally scheduled to take place on January 30th. The show will not air life, but an edited version will be released at a later date. No details about performers or guests have been announced yet.

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