The importance of metal bending


There are certain processes in the industrial field that are necessary for the creation and obtaining of metallic surfaces and elements. The metal bending process is one of the most outstanding, since the obtaining of sheets and other metal products depends on the bending of habitual use in other industrial activities or in construction.

For metal bending, folding machines are used, which mold the shape of metal parts according to the desired shape and the precise angle necessary for its use. These machines perform the bending of metals through a forming process: It does not separate the material but performs a plastic deformation in order to give the desired shape with a specific angle to the fold.

Depending on the metal part to be obtained, one or more folding machines are used, resorting in some cases to a hydraulic press. In this area, the folder to be used must be well chosen, as The final result will largely depend on it. of the metal bending process.

To give you an idea, this type of metal folding machine is used to folding down a window frame, railing, truck brace, or garage door, among many other metallic elements of habitual use. Metal workshops and small companies in the renovation sector use this machinery to create products that they sell to other companies and end customers.

What types of metallic bends exist?

For this part of the article, it is convenient to know the expression “elastic return”, which is nothing more than the tendency of the sheet to return to its original position once it is bent.

In companies in the sector, it is common to carry out different types of metal bending, among which the following stand out:

Bottom folding: Maybe is the most frequent of the folds and allows folding with great precision. Tools with different angles are normally used because the elastic return of the chosen metal must be taken into account. The tonnage of the folder is not particularly high.

Partial folding: This type of folding allows you to program different folds with different angles, being able to program the required depth for each of them. In this type of folding elastic return can be compensated, since only the depth of the bend needs to be corrected. This bending is possible because the sheet comes into contact with 3 different tooling points.

metal bending - photo 2

Print: This bending stands out because it offers a very small bending radius with very high precision. A high tonnage press brake is needed, up to 5 to 8 times more than for deep bending. In this bending, the possible consequences of the elastic return of the sheet metal disappear.

As can be seen, the bending of metals is of vital importance to create different metal elements commonly used in industry and construction. A process that could not be carried out without using metal folding machines, the only machinery capable of folding metal precisely.

Now let’s talk about the company that sponsors this content, Feysama.

Feysama, metallurgical machinery for metal treatment

The Feysama company is one of the best known for its sheet metal bending and shearing machines. This company sells metallurgical machinery for metal treatment that is widely used in the reform sector and in small businesses. These sheet metal bending machines are versatile machines that offer many options for use.

metal bending - photo 3

That is why it is very important to choose a sheet metal bending machine well, since only a quality press brake guarantees a correct sheet metal bending process and with the utmost precision to create quality products. Only machines that incorporate the latest technology, such as those sold by Feysama, are capable of working correctly with metal at different densities and lengths while avoiding breakage that would force us to waste material.

Not all metals bend in the same way or with the same force and therefore the chosen press brake must allow the user to work with different metals professionally. The machine must perform sheet-shaped folding operations with variations in the maximum length and thickness that it can process.

In companies such as Feysama, a specialist in the manufacture of folding machines, they offer customers different folding machines to meet their different needs. They are machines of great quality and prestige in the sector, since the company has a extensive experience manufacturing this type of machinery, specifically since 1988.