The Last Summoner is coming April 26 to Crunchyroll


The April 26 will premiere in Crunchyroll the anime series simulcast The Last Sumner, with weekly anime episode with Spanish subtitles from that date.

Everything has its own spirit, and those who can summon those spirits are the Summoners. They can summon the earth, the dead, the stars, the souls… The legends of the Summoners have always been part of the dark side of history. Over the years, countless wars have been waged between human Summoners over the origin of the spirits of all beings: the goddess Pandora. Over time, the Summoners have split into two factions: the Guardians and the Destroyers. Unable to watch the humans perish in a bloodbath, the leaders of both sides sealed Pandora away and brought the Summoners’ golden age to an end… Several centuries later, Ah Jie, who is striving to become the king of ramen , accidentally summons the goddess Dora and is suddenly drawn into the world of the Summoners. During his journey he meets other Summoners and joins forces with the Guardians to face his greatest enemies: the Destroyers.