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The fourth great ninja war has come to a close and peace has been restored back to the land of the living. However, there were many casualties during this conflict and no village was left untouched.

The first casualty we would like to speak about is Sasuke Uchiha (KIA) . He played a pivotal role in ending this war and his help shouldn’t go unnoticed. Even though he was from the same village as those who led this war, he had a change of heart and joined forces with his former enemies to put an end to the Madara’s terror.

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But it all came at a high price when Sasuke ended up sacrificing his life in order for Naruto Uzumaki to kill Madara and put a stop to the war. We have been trying to get in touch with Sasuke’s wife, Sakura Haruno, but she has been too busy mourning his death to come by our office for an interview.

We do not know much about what happened after he died or how he ended up in a place like Soul Society since Sasuke did a lot of shady things in his lifetime.

But before his short stint as a Shinigami, he was one of the most wanted criminals for many years because of many incidents throughout his life including defection from Konoha and joining the Akatsuki . But the only reason why we all know about Sasuke is not because of how strong he is or how great his intelligence is, but because of his membership with the Uchiha clan.

Source: Naruto – Fandom

The signature ability that came from this once rich and powerful clan was so dangerous it got almost everyone killed in the village. But thanks to Sasuke’s help , he managed to take them down one by one . He even found out about the truth behind the massacre and turned on his own brother, Itachi , in order to avenge the deaths of his clan.

After this incident, Sasuke was named as a missing-nin and he became even more wanted because he could not be trusted at all after what happened with Itachi .

But then again, that might have been one of those emotional decisions Sasuke was known for in his career.

But why would he feel the need to gain revenge against Itachi all of a sudden? We asked one of our sources about this and they said that it might be because he felt like Itachi had betrayed the entire Uchiha clan by killing them off without any real reason behind it .

Itachi was an extremely powerful shinobi who even stopped the entire Kyuubi when it attacked Konoha . He also had to take down his best friend, Shisui , when he tried to destroy the Uchiha clan by using Kotoamatsukami on the leader of the clan.

We were not able to get in contact with Shisui’s wife, Kako , but we were able to speak with one of Shisui’s former teammates and best friends, Fugaku Uchiha.

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