The news of the week (#5 2022)


In January 2021, video game companies worth 85.4 billion dollars were acquired, a record figure (even for an entire year) that was achieved thanks to the latest push from Sony, which announced an agreement to take over Bungie in exchange for 3.6 billion of dollars. Bungie will continue to be a multi-platform company, and Sony hopes that it will help them reach a broader audience through games as a service. Furthermore, the Japanese company revealed that PS5 has already sold 17.3 million units.

Another great news that the week has left us has been the confirmation that Grand Theft Auto VI is already in development. Closer we have the launch of Gran Turismo 7 (March 4) and Ghostwire: Tokyo (March 25), which have shown their proposal with a showcase . At Nintendo, the triumphant march of Switch continues, which has already sold 103.54 million units, more than Wii. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is also not doing badly with 6.5 million copies sold in one week. We also have an unofficial Resident Evil 4 remaster for PC.

In technology there is bad news for Meta, which has hit a bump in the stock market after Facebook has lost users for the first time in its history. Additionally, Reality Labs is $10.2 billion in debt. AMD has fared better, with record results thanks to the sale of the chips that power the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Finally, on the Internet we have Vodafone Spain open to a sale or merger.



  • Edge of Eternity, Infernax, Besiege, Dreamscaper, and more join Game Pass.
  • The video game industry will recognize Phil Spencer's career with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Microsoft to regulators: even after the Activision Blizzard purchase we will be number three.

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