The Philippine parliament proclaims Ferdinand Marcos as president


The Philippine parliament on Wednesday proclaimed Ferdinand Marcos the country’s 17th president, following his landslide victory in the May 9 election.

“I hereby proclaim Ferdinand Bongbong Romuáldez Marcos Jr as the duly elected President of the Republic of the Philippines,” Parliament Speaker Lord Allan Velasco said after lawmakers approved a report that declared Marcos the winner.

Marcos, who will formally take office next month, received more than 31.6 million votes, 58.8% of the total, according to the final tally released by parliament. In the Philippines, the winner just needs to get more votes than the other candidates.

His victory in the elections had been anticipated after a whitewashed image of the dictatorship of Marcos Sr. was spread during the campaign, 36 years after a popular revolt ended up expelling him from power.

The electoral campaign of Ferdinand Marcos Jr, 64, was marked by a broad disinformation strategy. Profiles related to the politician flooded social networks, leaving many Filipinos believing that the government of Marcos Sr. was a golden age of peace and prosperity.

But the dictator bankrupted the Philippines while he killed, tortured and imprisoned tens of thousands of opponents during his dictatorship.