The preview of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 in Spain was a complete success!


Today it formally opens in theaters throughout Spain JUJUTSU KAISEN 0, but yesterday in various theaters across the country a special preview function was held. We had the opportunity to attend the most important of them in Kinepolis Image City in Madrid, where all the guests and fans had a very special experience thanks to the joint work between Sony Pictures Spain Y Crunchyroll.

With a decoration according to the occasion, with cardboard stands of the main characters of the film and gifts for the attendees, the expectations before the start of the film were high. We were able to chat with several of the attendees earlier, and the anticipation was palpable.

The Madrid preview was also attended by part of the production team and the dubbing cast, as well as the film’s subtitling team for Spain. Below these lines a photo of the dubbing team, posing with Rika Orimoto.

Regarding the fans, most agreed that it was the biggest premiere of an anime they had seen in Spain. “It’s the first time, we were walking and it was wow, impressive,” said Olga and Ingrid, two young people who were wearing their Jujutsu Kaisen shirts and who confessed that their expectations were very high before the performance began.

Dylan and Matt, two other guys who attended the premiere had very different expectations, the first is a reader of the original manga so he already had an idea of ​​what he expected, while Matt is getting into the world of anime. “I have read the entire manga of the film and it has fascinated me, I have very high expectations with the film,” said Dylan, who is “guiding the right path [del anime y manga]” to their friend. As we were talking to a fan, who also said that he loved the protagonist of JUJUTSU KAISEN 0, we couldn’t help but ask him a difficult question. Okkotsu or Itadori? After a moment’s hesitation, he left for Yuta Okkotsu.

Another couple of girls, one of them wearing a Mahito gender bender cosplay, also agreed to tell us a little about their expectations with the film. In his case, seeing Gojo and Geto together was what they most expected to see. “We really wanted to see her,” said one, to which the other added that they had “waited a long time, that she has made the movie hard. It has been announcing it and we all went crazy, “added one of them.
The gift that the attendees received, the 0.5 volume that was given to those attending the film in Japan and that was published in Spain in collaboration with Editorial Standard in limited quantities, it also garnered praise from fans. “We expected a poster, but not the 0.5 in physical.”

“I hope I like the movie more than the manga, which I already liked”, was the first thing another girl who attended with a group of friends told us. “It’s incredible, the truth is that being able to take photos with the cardboard is very cool,” she added.
“I have very good expectations, I have seen many reviews, the movie looks very good, very good animation and the truth is that it looks quite good”, said another attendee accompanied by a girl who directly confessed that the one who most wanted to see was Gojo Satoru… us too, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Of course, once it was time to watch the movie there was no shortage of applause before the start and the movie did not disappoint. For now we leave you with other images that this Madrid preview left us and we are waiting for you in cinemas throughout Spain.