The problems with buying an iPhone 13 could increase


Buying an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro implies in many cases a wait too big. And it is that, since they were launched on the market last September, these devices have been affected by numerous delays. Well, according to sources close to Apple’s supply chain, this could get worse again in the coming months.

From The Elec they point out that BOE, one of Apple’s OLED screen suppliers, is already planning to reduce its production. All this due to the component crisis that affects the entire industry and that has created a domino effect, since this company reduces its forecasts due to the delays of LX Semicon, who in turn are in charge of sending materials to them and are showing trouble reaching goals.

According to the data provided by the aforementioned medium, it is expected that BOE reduce from 3 to 2 million units your manufacturing forecasts. It is also said that the Californian company would have requested 10 million OLED panels for the first half of the year and that failure to comply with this could affect its forecasts.

A problem that has lasted for several months

Regardless of the state of supply, it is common to find that new iPhones are delayed for several weeks after they go on sale. It has never been known if it is really due to a higher demand than expected or if it is a strategy by Apple to give the sensation of success in sales. Be that as it may, the situation this year was very different.

And it is that, shortly after the reservations of the iPhone 13 were opened, the buyers were already finding shipment forecasts for more than a month. There are even those who ended up receiving it on Christmas dates. Although the company has made public that its tablets have suffered supply problems, it has not commented on its smartphones, although it is more than evident that there were problems of this type.

The situation had improved and the availability of iPhone 13 is currently generally good. However, based on information such as the ones we have learned, the problems could return. It is true that as the year progresses, the demand for these smartphones also decreases and the focus is on the next iPhone, but in the face of a crisis like this, it is still not possible to ensure that there will be enough units.

And what will happen to the iPhone 14?

If it is already difficult to predict what will happen to these iPhone 13 in 6 months, you can imagine that the forecast of the next generation generates even more doubts. In reference to the leaks that occur every year, we know that Apple closes the development of its iPhone around this time and that does not go into production until June As minimum.

Therefore, it will be from the middle of the year when we know something more about the availability of these devices. It will depend, like now, on whether the sector has managed to recover or not. At the moment it does not seem that there is panic as it has happened in other companies that have even had to cancel some of their devices.