The reason Final Cut isn’t on iPad yet


One of the biggest requests that iPad users have been making to the Cupertino company for years is that it has truly professional applications to use the iPad as that new computer. One of these apps is Final Cut Pro, the Cupertino company’s video editor for professionals. Well, in this post we will tell you the possible reasons why this program is not available for the iPad.

possible reasons

Apple has been trying for a long time to focus on the iPad being that new computer for the vast majority. The reality is that it has tremendous potential for this, in fact, it is already one of the most advisable options for a certain sector of users who use their computer for really basic tasks. However, there is another more demanding public that is still not capable of making the iPad their new computer, largely due to the lack of truly professional applications, such as Final Cut Pro. The question that many video editors who want using the iPad as a work tool is, why hasn’t Apple released this application for the iPad? Here are some of the possible reasons.

Apple may not want to cause the iPad cannibalizes the public that currently buys a Mac loaded with specifications to be able to edit audiovisual works.

Final Cut Pro is not just any editor, in fact it is the application that the Cupertino company has conceived, designed and developed for video editing professionals, therefore, it is possible that the target audience of this application does not have sufficient requirements on the iPad enough to be able to carry out those production tasks. The existence of video editing applications on the iPad could be another of the reasons why Apple has not wanted, for the time being, to launch Final Cut Pro for iPad, since until now, the best alternative that was LumaFusion it was only available for iPad. In this way, it is possible that Apple wants to take care of developers and is not interested in competing in certain sectors. The vast majority of video editors that use Final Cut Pro on the Mac also use different compatible plugins with this application, something that they probably couldn’t enjoy on the iPad from the outset, so the experience they now have with the Apple computer they couldn’t have with this device.

Will it come one day?

The reality is that there have been many years in which the rumor that Final Cut Pro could reach the iPad has been hanging around the Cupertino company, however it never comes true. One of the moves that may lead Apple to finally announce it is the recent release of LumaFusion for more operating systemsso that, once the exclusivity of this application with the iPad is broken, the Cupertino company could consider it.

iPad Air + display

What there is no doubt about it is that already, both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air have enormous potential that at the software level Apple is not knowing or wanting to take advantage of, at least for the moment, who knows if at the next WWDC to be held next June, the Cupertino company makes this wish come true for so many users.