The recordings of “Vicente Mozo” began, a Guatemalan film that will feature national and international talent


Recently, started In our country the recordings of Vincent Younga Guatemalan movie which has as its main feature the performance of national and international talent.

Below we tell you more details about this production that seeks to leave a positive message to all the people who see it. What a chili!

Recordings of “Vicente Mozo” begin, a Guatemalan film that will feature national and international talent

the standout Guatemalan filmmaker Manny Herrera began the recordings of his first film, called «Vicente Mozo», a romantic comedy which is produced by Philo Studiosand which focuses on the life of Vicente, a credit card salesman who has lost his job and his only option to return to work is by posing as a stable boy.

“Is we thought the movie for all audiences. The idea is that we can go see it as a family, since it carries a very positive message. My mission is to create a different content, that can represent us Guatemalans internationally, “said Herrera.

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Likewise, the director added that in the midst of so much violence that the country and all of Central America is going through, they want to make a production in which the attendees can laugh and take home a hopeful message.

A production full of Guatemalan talent

One of the Guatemalans who will be present in this film is the Guatemalan television host Kate Zaragoza, who explained that she will play “Dana”, a girl who is always happy, who likes to work and who loves her family very much.

About her character, Zaragoza added «Dana is very similar to Kati. She is a role of a good girl, good-natured, kind and very much in love. Dana comes to break all the stereotypes that people create about love.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Kati Zaragoza in a garden and smiling at the camera. (Credits: @kati_zaragoza).

In addition, Manny Herrera explained that the film will feature several actors who, in addition to being Guatemalan, are new talentswho will have the opportunity to present their acting skills in this production.

An internationally recognized cast

The international talent in this film is made up of John Palau, who will be in charge of giving life to “Vicente”, the protagonist of the film. Palau is a renowned Colombian composer and actor, famous for his participation in the Netflix series, “La Reina del Flow”.

On the other hand, the antagonist of the story is «The Russian», a role played by Lucho VelascoColombian film, theater and television actor, recognized for his performances in soap operas such as: “El Cartel”, “Rosario Tijeras”, “Ruta 35”, “La Reina del Flow” and “Nurses”.

Description of the photo for people with visual disabilities: Kati Zaragoza, Manny Herrera, Juan Palau and Lucho Velasco, protagonists and director of the film. (Credits:

The film is expected to be released between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 in theaters in the country and on some digital platforms. If you want to know more about this production, you can follow them on their social networks, where they can be found as @vicentemozofilm, on Instagram; and as Vicente Mozo Film on Facebook.

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