The times that Queen Elizabeth II of England greeted Guatemala


The Queen Elizabeth II of England sometimes greeted Guatemala and we tell you the reasons for these words or speechs sent to the country.

Below you will find information and some data related to the English sovereign.

The times that Queen Elizabeth II of England greeted Guatemala

On the occasion of the Guatemalan IndependenceQueen Elizabeth II of England sent greetings to Guatemala through the UK Embassy of Great Britain and Northern Ireland accredited in Guatemala.

The message read as follows: “It gives me great pleasure to send Your Excellency my congratulations on the celebration of the 195th Anniversary of the Independence of Guatemala, together with my best wishes for good fortune and happiness for the people of Guatemala in the coming year. Elizabeth R.”

Farewell message to Guatemalan Ambassador

In 2020, the Guatemalan Ambassador accredited in that country withdrew from his duties and in a farewell message his work was recognized. This message was delivered by the queen’s marshal, who was accompanied by a official photograph with the authentic signature and that of Prince Felipe.

This action was appreciated by the outgoing ambassador.

Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022, and the world showed its solidarity with the people through various channels and ways. She was at the head of the British Crown for seven decades.

For that reason, from the United Kingdomseveral YouTube channels started live broadcasts from Buckingham Palace in which you can see the number of people who came.

In addition, we share this note in which you can learn about some of the documentaries, series or films on the life of Elizabeth II.

Live broadcasts from Buckingham Palace, UK



From Downing Street

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