The Top 3 Things You Should Know About IPL In India


IPL – The Indian Premier League has gradually gained worldwide attention and has come a prolonged way. Today this event is in the top 20 leagues in the world.


Many interesting facts are connected with the IPL, its players, and its history as an internationally recognized event. Although you may know that this league has global implications, that’s not all. It didn’t begin with the same level of applicability and approval that it enjoys today. It had to rise through the grades with players who weren’t as popular and games that had very few people visiting.


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Background of the IPL – how did it all begin?

Cricket is the most adored sport in India, followed by all the others, which is why many users foresee the result of cricket games on any betting exchange in India. Indian love for cricket goes back many years. In the beginning, it was not played in a more defined format, as it is now. In courtyards, private homes, and schools, people attempted to emulate various forms of cricket.


While the IPL is now a big hit in the T20 League, it was not India’s first step towards creating a cricket sporting event watched by millions of people around the world. Before the IPL, there was the Indian Cricket League – ICL presented by Zee Entertainment in 2007. In the 1990s and 2000s, cricket was already a much-loved sport in India. Admitting this as a money-making opportunity, broadcasters, including Zee Entertainment, made cash proposals to BCCI to buy its broadcast rights. However, they all refused.


Later, the owner of the Zee group, Subash Chandra, took a decision to create his own cricket league, finding both local and foreign players to play in the ICL. Flashy players such as Ambati Rayudu,  Rohan Gavaskar, Shane Bond, and Azhar Mahmoud have been in the ICL.


But the ICL was never supported by the BCCI and the cricket organization threatened to prohibit all cricketers who played in the ICL. After two seasons, 2007 and 2008, ICL closed due to various pressures and some other factors. In 2008, BCCI founded its own Premier Cricket League, known today as the IPL.

The top three facts about the Indian Premier League

No matter what you think of IPL, there is always something else. These things may concern the league itself, the coaches, or the players. Three essential things you should know about IPL:

  1. Creation of the IPL

Almost all IPL fans know when and by whom the IPL was created, but not everyone knows why it was created. The IPL was supported by Lalit Moda, the first head of the IPL, six months after India won the inaugural T20 World Cup. According to Lalit, the goal of the IPL is to make a platform where cricket is motivated in India.

From its inception to date, BCCI has hosted 15 IPL seasons. Over the years, IPL has fulfilled its target and surpassed it. Today, IPL is a profitable sector of the Indian economy and a platform where young Indian athletes are used and trained.

  1. IPL is home to some young athletes

Currently, the youngest player who has made his IPL debut is Prayas Ray Barman, who made his Royal Challengers Bangalore debut in the 2019 IPL season when he was 16 years old. Before him, there was Mujib Ur Rahman, who made his debut when he was 17 years old.

  1. IPL’s contribution to the Indian economy

A large percentage is contributed to the Indian economy by IPL. While you may have guessed this, we bet you never knew the scale of this contribution. In 2015, a survey performed by KPMG at the demand of BCCI showed that the contribution of IPL to India’s GDP was 11.5 billion rupees = $160 million. According to Brand Finance 2022 reports, IPL’s label worth is presently evaluated at $4.7 billion.


Cricket is played in almost all parts of the country in India. With a history dating back to the 17th century when it was presented by the British, cricket has become the most beloved sport in the country. The IPL began as a podium for training young Indian talents in the game of cricket and now it is a regional sporting event held yearly in India. Today, the IPL has become a global sporting event, becoming a favorite among cricket fans throughout the world. If you would like to appreciate the game of cricket and earn money by betting, you should visit Parimatch. You will have admission to all IPL games and like the bonuses that are always supplied.