The two Negima series arrive at the HIDIVE catalog


HIDIVE releases for Spain the two series based on the manga Maho Sensei Negima! that in his day published in Spain Glenat.

Negima!, of 26 chapters, it faithfully follows the development of the manga, except for the ending. Negima!?, of the same length as the first, develops a different story from the manga, although it begins more or less in a similar way. Both series are available with Japanese and English audio and English subtitles, at least for now.

UQ Holder! is a derivative series available on the platform since it began serving Spain and has subtitles in Spanish.

Negi Springfield is determined to become a Magister Magi, after 7 years of study and training at wizard school; The final test arrives, the last and toughest exam to become a great Magister Magi: The master instructor distributes to each applicant their destinies and their mission that they must fulfill. And Negi gets to be an English teacher at the Mahora school in Japan, an all-girls school. He also must be careful that no one finds out that he is a magician since he could assume that they would turn him into an ermine. And this is how a 10-year-old boy, born in Wales, with magical powers and a level of intelligence equivalent to that of the university, becomes a teacher of a class of 31 high school students (between 14 and 15 years old), who treated more like a toy than like a teacher.