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The Unforgivable shows the story of a former cop-killer namely Ruth Slater who is eager to make contact with her younger sister Katie after being in the prison for twenty years. However, Ruth faces obstacles from the vengeful sons of the sheriff that Ruth killed a few years prior.

The Unforgivable Movie Details:

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In this film, we see numerous flashbacks that appear to reveal she had been living in an old farmhouse with her much younger sister Katie, after the death of their parents, and had shot and murdered an officer who had come to evict them from their house. Moreover, Katie is currently living as the daughter of a middle-class family and presents a great future ahead as an aspiring pianist. Kate only has a little knowledge of her life before her sister’s arrest and both her foster parents are trying to stop Ruth from seeing but her adoptive sister Emily is a little more intrigued when she finds out about her sibling’s past.

Movie Seeks Revenge Till The End:

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Steve and Keith Whelan who are the sons of the police officer whom Ruth had killed all those years ago are looking for him. Steve devises a plan to kidnap Katie in order to seek revenge. A surprisingly big secret is revealed to the audience that it was not actually Ruth that had shot the cop all those years ago, but Katie but she had taken the blame to stop her little sister’s life from being destroyed.

    Liz then drives Ruth so as to drop her at the location of Katie’s piano rehearsal, but as she comes she receives a call from Steve who says he has kidnapped Katie. Immediately Ruth travels to the location he claims to be holding her but gets to know that rather than Katie, it is Emily that he has captive. Steve confronts Ruth armed with a gun but Ruth apologizes for what had happened 20 years ago and eventually, he is arrested by the police. At the very end, Katie comes with her adoptive parents, and as soon as she and Ruth look towards each other it is clear she does remember her after all. The film then comes to an end and we are shown the footage of their time together before the arrest happened.

The Unforgivable Ending Twist:

Throughout the film, viewers are made to believe that Ruth has killed Mac Whelan. However, surprisingly movie bangs us with a shocking end whereby in real Katie was the one who killed him after hearing Ruth shouting at him over the phone. Katie does all in order to protect her sister, and in turn, Ruth confessed to the crime so as to protect her. 

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