The Wizards’ Announcer Expresses Regret To Kevin Porter Jr. For Making A Reference To His Deceased Father.


Tim Tolokan, the Wizards’ director of game entertainment and production, apologized Thursday night to Golden State for calling Kevin Porter Jr. by mistake, saying he meant to call another player in a pre-game introduction.

Kevin Porter Sr., who was murdered when K.J. was 9 years old, would have been honored to see his son play in the NBA, even against his former team.

KJ Porter also said he understood what happened and would move on from the incident.

That’s precisely what Wizards announcer Tim Tolokan was trying to do Thursday night when he made an embarrassing mistake during pregame introductions at Capital One Arena. As K.J.’s father Kevin Porter Jr. walked toward the scorer’s table to check-in for his first NBA game, Tolokan addressed him by saying “We’ve got Kevin Porter Sr. here tonight.”

The Wizards' Announcer Expresses Regret To Kevin Porter Jr. For Making A Reference To His Deceased Father.

KJ was surprised after hearing that, but quickly moved on claiming it wasn’t a big deal and probably just an honest mistake.

“I didn’t think much about it,” Porter said. “It’s not really a big deal to me.”

The Wizards also issued an apology for the incident saying in a statement: “This evening, during pregame introductions, we inadvertently and mistakenly used a former Wizards player’s name when introducing our starting line-up. We apologize for this mistake.”

KJ didn’t seem that offended as he had nice things to say about the Wizards organization and its fans, so there’s no reason why he will hold this against them.

I’m sure we’ll see him in a different uniform soon enough.

Anonymous said…

Wow, Tim! You really cannot tell the difference between good and evil. It’s like that passage in the Bible where Jesus is asked to identify who’s one of His/God’s children and he says it’s like blind people trying to recognize each other. This was not an error. It was intentional, but if you apologize for your stupidity, I’ll let it go. I will say this though: If Kevin Porter Jr. DOES NOT see it in your soul to make life better for these kids, he will lose every bit of respect I have for him. You have a duty and a responsibility to these children! Decide who you want to be! Decide soon! December 9, 2018, at 8:33 PM

Anonymous said…

This is so horrendous on so many levels. I think Mr. Tolokan is conveniently hung up on the mention of “Kevin Porter Sr” which is what caused KJ to likely pause and go, wait a minute; who is this? But the greater crime was the implication of disrespect for Kevin Porter Jr. The announcers were saying that they knew about Kevin Porter.

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