This is the Akudama Drive editions, on sale on May 25


Select Visionafter premiering it subtitled through its website, will put on sale Akudama Drive on Blu-ray Collectors A4 and DVD.

Some time ago a war broke out between Kantô and Kansai, which ended up dividing the world in two. After that, Kansai ended up subjugated to Kantô and underwent a unique transformation. However, the degeneration of politics and law enforcement fanned the flame of crime, giving rise to criminals called “Akudama”.
Our story takes place in an eclectic and degenerate society in which the Akudama live on the edge of their lives, until a group of them ends up getting together and they have to park, or bring out, their differences.

A4 Collectors Edition – Blu-ray

A4 Edition 2 BDs + 1 CD + Extras 12 episodes (Complete Series) Publisher: Selecta Visión Price: €79.99 Image: 1080p HD, 16:9 Audio: DTS-HD 2.0 Spanish and Japanese. Subtitles: Spanish Extras: – Incredible designs of each character and the record of each of them on the back.
– Collection of maxicards: The 6 incredible designs of the characters printed on special paper and in full color at A4 size.
– Stickers: Exclusive pack of stickers on three sheets, included in the Special Box, with fun designs of the characters in SD format.
– 500 yen coin: This edition includes the reproduction of the 500 yen coin that the Messenger drops and Normal Girl tries to return. She claims that she has the power to drastically change people’s lives.
– Cloth amulet: You can also have the reproduction of the cloth bag that Niño always carries with him. This bag is an amulet that several of his brothers make with scraps from each one of them and give it to him.
– Additional material on Bluray: Textless Opening and Ending + TV Spots + Comparative Video Draft vs Final Animation + Cindy Yamuchi Interview + Taguchi Tominaga Interview + Kodaka Interview.


Edition 3 DVDs 12 episodes (Complete Series) Publisher: Selecta Vision Price: €36.99 Image: , 16:9 Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Spanish and Japanese. Subtitles: Spanish Extras: Does not have