This is the new Dragon Ball Z resin of Vegeta destroyed


Do you remember the Saga of the Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z? The legendary series Akira Toriyama He left us all with our hearts in a fist with that tremendous arc finale. She was impressed to see Vegeta against the ropes, totally badly wounded, after his fight against the defenders of the Earth. Well, if you get excited about those moments, you’re in luck, since ST STUDIO he’s going to throw Vegeta’s next resin in those bars. Do you like its final finish?

We anticipate that it will be launched early next year, it will measure about 31 centimeters high and it will cost about €250, so you can already make your reservation here, in the Majin Store, so you don’t run out of your unit. Go for it, you already know that these collector’s pieces are sold out before the senzu seeds!