Tinamit, the online game that seeks to promote cybersecurity in Guatemala


came the online game tinamit, that seeks to promote the cybersecurity of young Guatemalans and that in addition to learning, they can have fun with the characters.

What a chili to count on educational platforms free games that can be played online and that help Guatemalans to learn media and information literacy, that’s why we want to recommend that you learn more about Tinamit.

Tinamit, the online game that seeks to promote cybersecurity

The Comunicares Association together with the German organization, DW Academyconducted a study with young people and therefore developed Tinamit, which in Mayan languages ​​means: community, town or city.

The game is aimed at Spanish-speaking young people who identify with Mayan populations, since they were young people from the K’iche, Achi’, Kaqchikel and Q’eqchi regions, with whom they worked to validate the stories, the characters, their clothing and language, to achieve a positive platform.

What is the online game Tinamit about?

The game consists of helping five young people to solve online situations that take place in their community. Depending on what the Internet user decides, this will affect the end of the stories, always leaving a lesson on how to protect yourself when you browse.

The protagonists of Tinamite are the following:

Lupita: works in a bookstore and handles information online. Ana: she is an observant, analytical and cautious student who wants to get ahead. Cristian: is a young man active in social networks and is a content creator. Sofía: She is a young teacher who faces rumors and avoids misinformation. Mark: he is a boy who drives a tuc tuc and always supports his community.

Description of the photo for the visually impaired: Drawing of the characters of the online game Tinamit. (Credit: Tinamit)

In order to promote media literacy, Comunicares makes its website available to all interested young people, with which it hopes to adopt actions to reduce the risks of surfing the Internet.

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