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Tips for building a barbecue area


How many times have you considered building a barbecue in the garden and backed out? Now that the good weather is about to arrive, it is a good time to resume this forgotten project.

Although it is true that it is possible to find many portable models, they cannot be compared to the experience that is achieved with a barbecue area. Among other advantages, you can customize it taking into account your preferences and needs.

In addition, in the same way as a pool, pergola, fountain, or any other related element, it will help you revalue the property.

If you have decided that you are going to go ahead with this project, here we give you the keys to start.

Key tips for building your barbecue area

1. Materials and tools needed

In general, we will have to choose between 2 materials to create the barbecue:

The brick it is the classic option with which we can create complementary modules if you are interested. For example, you can build cabinets, a countertop or a sink. We also have the option to build with stone. This type of material is harder and not as versatile as brick. With a little patience, you can create a space where you can store charcoal, firewood, or whatever you need.

In addition, you will need:

Parts and Accessories: In general, everything necessary to assemble the barbecue, the oven, the fireplace, and the rest of the elements.
Refractory mortar: It is crucial that it be this type of mortar, since it has a greater capacity to resist high temperatures. In particular, it can hold up to 1200ºC
Specific sealants: make sure they are flame retardant
Metallic profiles: we will use them to shape the area that holds the grill.
Concrete mixers: They will make our work much easier, since we will not have to be making the cement manually. However, their cost can be very high. To avoid going bankrupt, you can opt for a concrete mixer rental service and use them only as long as you need them.
Painting: As for the paint, you should check that it is designed to withstand high temperatures and that it will really be able to offer the protection that is needed on the surface.

2. Location

Another of the key criteria that must be considered when building the barbecue is its location. wrongly choose the Location It will affect the use and functionality of it, it is even possible that we had to change its place.

Security: find a site that is safe. Please note that with the use of the barbecue, ash and sparks will be emitted in the middle. You must choose a place where these elements cannot wreak havoc.
Direction of the wind: we can’t forget the direction of the wind. When we are using the barbecue, the wind will rise until it comes out through the chimney (it will have been designed for this). This smoke could become a major problem with the arrival of summer.
Beware of vegetation: If we have an area with vegetation in our garden, it may be a good place to place the barbecue. But this does not mean that it can be put in any way; among other things, it will be necessary to ensure that it is at an adequate distance from the vegetation
Walls and walls: any walls or nearby walls will also have to be properly evaluated. If you are going to build it near them, take into account the expansion they may experience due to high temperatures.
Smoke and heat: In addition, the barbecue must be located in a place where the smoke does not reach the area where you are going to eat.

barbecue area - photo 2

3. Steps to build a barbecue

Here we detail the main steps to follow to set up the barbecue in your garden:

The first step consists of placing the bases to be able to place the structure on the ground. We fix them with the refractory mortar so that it can withstand the high temperatures of the fire. Next, we will put the horizontal shelf on which the combustion area and the chimney will be located. Now is when you should integrate the rest of the accessories, such as the ash catcher or the upper hood. To make the smoke outlet more efficient, you can always narrow it until you reach the desired height.

4. Other considerations to take into account

If you are going to build it with bricks, make sure that they can withstand high temperatures. If you are going to lay paving instead of just brick, wait 2-3 days to lay it. Make an initial calculation to be clear about how much you are going to spend on the project. Once you have placed the chimney and the hood, check that the draft is straight. It would not hurt to have an additional grill to be able to move.

With these tips you will have it easier for build a barbecue area.