Tips for placing adhesive vinyl


Decorative wall stickers have become a growing trend when it comes to decorating your car, your business, your home and anywhere you can imagine, like a surfboard. Its practicality and easy use make it an original element with which you can put any element to your liking. Due to its adhesiveness and high quality, its installation and maintenance is very simple.

There are thousands of different vinyl designs on the market so you can choose the one you like best. Some of them can even be personalized with your name, date of birth or with phrases. From original children’s vinyl to any vinyl you can imagine, the supplier companies have a range of designs for you to decorate your home or business according to your personality.


Now, what makes vinyl one of the most practical products to decorate, in addition to containing the exact design you want, is its easy placement.

The vinyl is an adhesive product, so it will always have the glue incorporated, either on the back or inside the design, depending on what you have requested. Once you have received it, the first thing is to confirm that the surface where you want to place it meets the requirements so that, later, it is professionally placed and its adherence and permanent quality throughout its life.

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The vinyls can be fixed on many surfaces. You can see this other article, which includes our video tutorial put adhesive vinyl like the professionalsin which we show you how to do the installation step by step.

When choosing where to apply the vinyl you have to take into account that the surface must be hard, smooth and dry. Therefore, if you have recently painted your wall, you should wait at least 6 weeks before placing it so that it adheres optimally to it. Normally, the supplier companies send a sample with the product, so it is recommended to place the sample first and, if there are no problems, install the product.

put adhesive vinyl professional trick - photo 2

Once you have the product and you are sure that the surface is suitable to place it, the next step is to spread it out of the paper carrier. In the places where the vinyl is small, it is where we must insist the most with the spatula so that it is well adhered. Subsequently, you have to fold it 5 centimeters at the top of the silicone paper and stick the top part on the surface to adhere it before removing the paper. Then, the vinyl should be peeled off from the adhesive protective paper and we will spatula to stick it to the surface.

Finally, it must be spatulated again several times, above the carrier paper, in order to ensure that it has remained correctly adhered.

… and we should already have our vinyl perfectly placed !!