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To Your Eternity Episode 16 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more about To Your Eternity Episode 16 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Recap of To Your Eternity Episode 15, And more.

To Your Eternity Episode 16, titled “The Children’s Dreams” or “Kodomo-tachi no Yama”, will premiere on NHK Educational TV in Japan on August 2, 2021. Season 1 has 20 episodes. Japanese animation studio Brain Base developed the series with Shinzo Fujita overseeing the script and Masahiko Murata as director.

The characters are designed by Koji Yabuno, and Ryu Kawasaki is responsible for composing the series music. The opening theme song, “Pink Blood”, is performed by Japanese-American singer and songwriter Utada Hikaru, while the ending theme song, “Mediter”, is composed by Masashi Hamouzu.

Previously On To Your Eternity Episode 15:

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The episode is titled “A Girl Named Tonari”. Fushi remembers all the time she spent with Parona before meeting her end. Fushi wonders why this should happen to her as she has lost precious people in her life. In the past, Parona tells Fushi about the purpose of life and what they can find in living forever.

Fushi realizes that he does not know what purpose he has to seek because it is too difficult for him. He wonders what Parona used his life for and about his future.

Fushi wonders whether Parona was happy and enjoying her life before she died or was filled with pain and sorrow. Parona tells Fushi that it is wrong for him to seek purpose in the life and death of another. Fushi thinks that Parona was telling him something.

One of the producers came and said that it is a magnificent vessel, in which Fushi is seen hosting Parona’s body. The producer said that it is Ninna Ka Parona. But he is glad he died sooner than he expected. Fushi replies that everything the producer says makes her feel sick.

To Your Eternity Episode 16 Release Date:

To Your Eternity: Episode 16 release date is 2 August 2021, at 10:50 PM JST.

To Your Eternity Episode 16 Countdown:

To Your Eternity Episode 16 Spoilers:

In episode 15, titled “A Girl Named Tonari” or “Tonari to Iu na no Shjo”, Fushi’s struggle for purpose continues as he finds himself as Parona. Tonari claims that she can help him find the person who may be behind Peoran’s disappearance. Fushi’s relentless pursuit later bears fruit as he locates the prison where he is kept.

Following Peoran’s insistence, he leaves but not before promising to return. Later, he encounters Noker again, and despite his repeated warnings, Tonri, his family, and the people of the island surround the enemy. They are even ready to risk their lives to defeat the demon in front of them. In all the chaos, Fushi eventually realizes his weakness and begins to shoot arrows at his weak spot as the rest of the islanders follow suit.

Soon, Noker collapses, and Fushi retrieves the memories of Oniguma, March, and Gugu. In episode 16, titled “The Children’s Dreams” or “Kodomo-Tachi no Yama”, the mysterious hooded figure may finally encounter Fushi, and his true identity may be revealed. Fushi is likely to come close to doing something about Peoran’s captivity.

To your Eternity Characters:

  • Fushi
  • Gugu
  • Rean Cropp
  • Parona
  • Hayase
  • March

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