Tokyo NOT DEAD Is Now Officially Confirmed

Tokyo NOT DEAD Confirmed in Money Heist Season 5 is still not confirmed well it will be confirmed up with the new episode so stay tuned with the season. 

The war taking place in the bank of Spain and forced the group to convert into multiple teams  Tokyo was accompanied by Denver and manila, they both did a wonderful job by distracting the military forces while others were helping and rescue of their loved ones. Like previously showed, she again proved herself by Tokyo again pulled her one of the confrontations with the enemies, but this time it changed she was gunned down before she could defeat her enemy. 

Money Heist season 5 part one ending explained: Of bullets, blasts and tears for a loved one | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The final close-up moment hint showed up is that Tokyo is standing opposite Gandia and his team. Gandia is shown pulling over a gun over her, but before he can shot up she smiles and show her the multiple pins stabbed over her body. The fifth episode of the show ended up with the blast, to show that the character was dead in that episode. 

Tokyo is the protagonist of the show from the very starting day, heist in the show was sown as her perspective from the first season. She was the one who is narrating the whole story of the thrilling heist. It doesn’t make any sense that the character who is the one who is narrating all the story from the start is the show as the dead if the character will die how will she tell the story in the future. The correct answer is still three months away, while the fans desperately want that she will survive up to the end by fighting with all the terrible scenes successfully. 

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