Top 11 Romance Anime You Can Watch Right Now


Love is something universal and it is a theme that anyone can enjoy, especially in romance anime that manage to perfectly convey the passion, pain, joy, and emotion that the characters feel throughout the work just to be able to be with the person they love.

Anime has had a lot of quite novel and witty romance works that have become a favorite of the manganime communities. So let’s talk about the best romance anime you have to watch right nowand that will surely become some of your favorite works.

best romance anime

There are all kinds of romance anime for all tastes to choose from, but there are some works that stand out for their plot, animation or other factors that have made it not only best romance anime ever, but in some of the best works in general. These series are:

Your Name.Your Lie In April.Kaguya Sama: Love Is War.Toradora!Given.Wotaku Ni Koi Wa MuzukashiLovely Complex.Beastars.Ao Haru Ride.Inuyasha.Nana.

Your Name

Kimi No Nawa or Your Name is one of the most important anime movies in historyranking among those that have had the highest grossing globally and having a loyal base of followers who ask for a sequel, especially since its premiere on streaming platforms where it has become one of the Netflix anime you have to watch now.

The story stars Mitsuha Miyamuzi, a teenager who has lived her entire life in a small country town full of responsibilities, and Taki Tachibana, a boy from the big city of Tokyo who dreams of being an architect, who one day they change bodies and will be involved in all kinds of unusual situations.

Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April is an anime that stands out for elements such as its beautiful animation, its incredible soundtrack, or its emotional story that has excellent character development, although it is impossible to forget the protagonists of the play and their beautiful love story.

The series centers on Arima Kousei, a talented pianist who is unable to hear his own music due to childhood trauma. This until he meets Kaori Miyazono, an outgoing and full of life teenager who she is in love with her friend that will restore his passion for his art, motivating him to overcome his past.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War

Kaguya Sama: Love Is War has not only become one of best comedy animebut also in one of the best works of romance in this world, and one of the most popular, with a lot of people waiting for the premiere of its new season.

The story features the most intelligent and popular people in Shuchi’in Academy: Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. They are leaders of the Student Council and everyone thinks they would be the perfect couplebut these see the declaration of love as an act of weakness, so, even if they like each other, they will do everything possible to make the other declare himself, leading to different situations full of humor.


Toradora! is an example of a bubblegum anime that can be endearingsince it has an interesting development in its history and endearing characters, to the point that it has one of the most recognizable and beloved couples in the world of animeand many consider it one of those anime for beginners that those interested in this world should see at least once.

The anime focuses on the character of Takasu Ryuuji, a young man with an intimidating appearance, but who is actually someone tender and gentle, who is the complete opposite of Aisaka Taiga, a small girl who looks fragile but is actually quite brusque and troublemaker. Although they hate each other, they will help each other so that the other gets the love of their best friend..


Given es one of the most popular yaoi romance anime in recent yearssince it has one of the best soundtracks on the list and a first-rate animation that accompanies the love of the protagonists that develops slowly in a natural way.

The anime focuses on Mafuyu Satou and Ritsuka Uenoyama, two boys who, despite being classmates, did not know each other very well. This until Ritsuka, who has his own band, has a problem with his guitar and goes to Sato to repair it, and it is from there that their paths will be intertwined by music.

Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashi

Wotaku Ni Koi Wa Muzukashi o “El amor es difícil para un otaku” es a perfect romance anime for anime fans, being a work with which, surely, many will be identified. Plus, it has a diverse cast of characters that includes all 4 types of otaku most common out there.

The story begins with Narumi Momose, a worker who is about to start her new office job, but he chooses to hide his lifestyle as a fujoshi otaku until she meets her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji, as much an otaku as she is, and asks him not to tell anyone her secret. Something that will quickly pass to greater circumstances.

Lovely Complex

Looking for a romance anime that defies gender roles? Well, you should see Lovely Complex, without a doubt one of the best anime of its genrewhich shows the natural evolution of a couple that goes from meeting, to a beautiful friendship until culminating in a torrid romance full of comic moments.

The “uneven couple” is how they nickname the couple made up of Atsushi Otani, a young man who is a basketball star despite his short stature, and Risa Koizumi, a large girl who can be described as a tsundere, tender but very temperamental. Throughout the story they can be seen going through situations full of humor, drama and, above all, full of pure love.


Beastars is one of the works with the best animations of recent years, combining typical anime animation with CGi elements that give it an easily recognizable style. This without mentioning its dramatic main story that is worthy of an in-depth analysis for its criticism of society.

In this world you can find a society dominated by anthropomorphic animals that are divided between those that are carnivores and herbivores. The story is carried out by Legoshi, a quite calm and even shy wolf, who studies performing arts and sees changed his lifestyle when meeting and falling in love with Harua sweet white bunny girl who is marginalized by her group of friends.

Ao Haru Ride

Ao Haru Ride is an amazing anime that shows how a romance can develop between people who already knew each otherand puts on the table the discussion about whether people can really change and whether it’s ok to give them a second chance. In addition, it touches on other topics such as school life, the difficulty of relating, the clash of different personalities, and much more.

The anime centers on Futaba Yoshioka, a high school girl who reunites with Kou Tanaka, a childhood friend from whom she parted ways after a misunderstanding between them. Years after that accident, old feelings will come back stronger than ever and they will have to deal with all kinds of difficult situations, and social pressure from their peers.


It was impossible not to mention Inuyasha, a work that has one of the most beloved couples in anime and that it was created by Rumiko Takahashi, known as The Queen of Manga who has created a lot of anime and shoujo manga. Undoubtedly, several elements that make these a masterpiece within the world of manganime.

The series stars Kagome Higurashi, a normal girl who one day is teleported to the Sengoku period, where she will meet a half-demon and half-human man known as Inuyasha, with whom she must join forces in order to gather the pieces of a powerful artifact known as The Shikon Pearl and prevent evil forces from taking possession of this item.


Possibly, Nana is one of the rawest romance anime on the list, with a much more mature touch that touches on different issues such as depression, independence, the search for oneself, passion, among many other things, at the same time as they show us romances between adults and how these worlds have to be balanced.

The series stars Nana Oosaki, the lead singer of a punk-rock band known as The Black Stones, who one day meets Nana Komatsu, a girl with whom she becomes friends and they share their different romantic relationships, and the impact that they have in their lives.