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Almost every one of us has the thought once in our life that  ” wish we could travel the world for free” but we were taught since our childhood that you need to be rich,  you need to be brave,  you need to have an experience with the outer world and all for traveling the world,  But what if I told you that you can travel the world absolutely for free, Yes you can, you can sail across one ocean to another, you can experience things which you never thought of, you can see things and places which you will remember as long as you live and all that with almost no money.

There are many ways to discover the world, just stay with us and explore the world.

1.Travel Through CouchSurfing

  • Firstly, CouchSurfing is an Internet Website that allows you to host travelers in your own home.
  • At the same time, it allows you to stay at other people’s homes while you’re traveling yourself.
  • The only thing you need is a bit of courage, you have to leave your comfort zone, Host people across the world to your home and listen to their stories, see the spark in their eyes.

2.Travel Through Hitchhiking

  • Secondly, Apart from being free and apart from being fast.
  • Hitchhiking allows you to have an amazing adventure between point A to point B.
  • You can watch The Ultimate Hitchhike guide for beginners by Mr. Tomislav Perko in which you will learn important lessons and rules about Hitchhiking and his experience with Hitchhiking.

Travel : Hitchhiking

3. Working In Exchange For Transportation

  • This method is very great if you are one of those who like to experience some adventure while traveling.
  • You can use this method in several situations like (Sailing) Yes you can sail across the oceans in exchange for work.
  • you can help them in cooking food and some Night watch.
  • For accommodation you can use Couchsurfing( What is Couchsurfing) We’ve already mentioned it above.

Travel : working

4. Travel By Volunteering

  • When it comes to accommodation after CouchSurfing, Volunteering is the best method.
  • There is a lot of opportunity around the world that offer you to work in exchange for accommodation and sometimes even food, And therefore you get to sleep in beautiful rooms for free.

Travel : volunteering

In Conclusion to the above post, These are the best ways to travel the world for free, hope we help you solve your problem.

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