Upcoming Technology That Will Ruin-Up Our Lives

We’ve evolved from monkeys into being human beings and we’re still evolving what if I told you that the next stage of human evolution is all about superpowers and they’re just around the corner. Today, I will show you Upcoming future Technology that will ruin our lives.

First, let’s talk about Elon musk the man who actively building the future of the human species other than Tesla and SpaceX.

Bitcoin Elon Musk

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Neuralink Technology

  • Elon is also launching something called Neuralink Very soon.
  • Neuralink is a technology that will be implanted into your brain and fix things that were considered to be unfixable today.
  • Any brain-related element could be strokes, epilepsy, blindness even any shortcomings of the human brain can be fixed through the neural link.
  • Neurolink will fix but the neural link will also help enhance.
  • If technology can fix things the same technology can also be used to enhance the things that are already fixed.

Upcoming Biohacking Technology

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  • The next great revolution in the story of the human species is biohacking.
  • Changing your own body’s biology in order to enhance its abilities.
  • Now there are some biohacking-based technologies that are already being developed.

1 Robot For Your Health

  • Imagine a box that sits in your home just like a wi-fi router and tracks all your physiological signals.
  • As you move about your house your breathing your heart rate your sleep and a lot more.
  • This box is constantly reading your body.
  • It will probably tell you in advance that you’re about to go through something in the near future.

Upcoming Bio-Microchip Technology

Upcoming Technology : microchip

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  • What if I told you, In the future, you’ll be able to make your payments using your own body.
  • Imagine every time you want to make a payment you’ve just had to wave your hand and the payment will be made.

Nanotechnology Or Nanobotslittle

Upcoming Technology : nenotechnology

  • Microscopic robots can go inside your body and destroy those first few cancer cells before cancer becomes a full-blown issue.
  • As we speak, these technologies are being developed.

Upcoming Designer Babies Technology

  • Very very powerful and possibly even dangerous application of biohacking is designer babies.
  • Ever played one of those wrestling video games or a video game-like sims.
  • You could design your own character with the exact looks and the exact abilities that you wish for.
  • That is going to become a real-life video game very soon.
  • You’ll be able to create babies that look exactly how you wish.
  • But more importantly, think exactly as you wish so.
  • If you want a very high IQ child eventually in theory that might be possible.
  • This is the powerful aspect of the time we live but it’s dangerous i’ll tell you why.

How Upcoming Technology Will Ruin Our Lives

Upcoming Technology : Loose Of jobs

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  • A lot of human jobs will be stolen by Artificial intelligence over the next 50 years.
  • The job that you’re doing right now might be in the hands of a robot a few years from now imagine a world with bio hacked humans.
  • In the near future what if you lose your job as a surgeon or a lawyer to a robot.
  • Now, what do will you do, look for a new job you might have to compete against bio hacked humans.
  • Humans with superhuman abilities a powerful fast and creative brain.
  • You want a job as a writer a content creator a designer there might be a bio hacked human who’ll do that job a hundred times better than you. I’m not scaring you but this is the protocol that I believe.

What Should You Do Now?

Upcoming Technology : what to do

  • Now, prepare your self-study multiple subjects to learn multiple skills. So that tomorrow even if you lose your job there’s a very powerful backup plan.
  • Create a business that combines multiple skills. Create a job profile for yourself where you’re learning multiple things together.
  • Combine all those learnings to give the world high-quality performance. If you want to be a performer in the future the time for learning is right now.
  • The near future is dangerous because many people will lose their jobs thanks to AI and possibly biohacking. But as the older jobs will disappear newer jobs that you can’t even imagine will start.
  • Appearing technology will advance at a really fast pace and that’s why even these new jobs will disappear and. Newer jobs will appear in their place this means that to stay relevant. The only thing that you can do is reinvent yourself not just once but repeatedly you’ll have to be a lifelong learner it begins.

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