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‘User Not Found’ Episode 10 is all set to be released on the following date, scroll down to find out more about ‘User Not Found’ Episode 10 Release Date, Recap of Episode 9, and more.

User not Found is a South Korean Romantic Drama that is currently airing in 2021. WHYNOT media is the company behind it. It was first broadcast on December 3rd, 2021. Because of its wonderful tale, it has earned enormous popularity since then.

The story of ‘User not Found’ centers on two girls who have the same name. Both of the girls are about to start a new school and decide to change their lives by signing a contract to exchange their identities.

Shin Yi Joon is a well-liked student who is recognized for his tenacity. When Yoo Min Jae and Shin Yi Joon get to know each other, Min Jae discovers that, despite his rough exterior, Shin is truly a softie.

User Not Found Episode 10 Release Date:

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User Not Found | Rakuten Viki

‘User Not Found’ Episode 10 is expected to release on 1st January 2022.

User Not Found Episode 9 Highlights:

Min Jae and Yi Joon collided earlier in episode 9. They were nervous about being approached but soon began greeting and conversing with one another, clearing up any misunderstandings they had about the other.

When Minjae, on the other hand, tells everything. Hyejun reassured his friends that he could sway the class in Minjae’s favor. His outgoing charisma and upbeat demeanor, as well as his position as president, have always aided him. To begin, Hyujun complements one of Jiwan’s clique members, mentioning that Minjae had also commended her and that she was the easiest to talk to. As a result, they began to see Minjae from a more positive perspective.

Where to Watch User Not Found?

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Use Not Found is a Korean drama with 22 episodes (of which 9 have already aired) with a running time of around 13 minutes per episode.

The series is available to stream on the Rakuten Viki subscription site.

User Not Found Episode 10 Spoilers:

In the upcoming episode, we are expecting to see Hyujen and Minjae’s dealing with Jiwan. Jiwan tries hard to bring her down. 

User Not Found Episode 10 Cast:

Bae Jin Young as Shin Yi Joon

Shin So Hyun as Yopo Min JAe

Han Ye Ji as Yoo Min Jae

Ahn Se Min as Shin Hye Jun

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